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Shopify attracts more than 100,000 e-retailer clients in a year

E-commerce software provider Shopify had 275,000 clients at the end of the first quarter, up from just over 162,000 a year earlier.Read Now

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  1. The founder of the e-commerce platform providers had been expected to stay on after Marketlive ...

  2. The payment processing company added 4.5 million customer accounts in the period.

  3. The e-commerce platform provider debuts software that’s hosted on the web and plans to offer ...

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Internet Retailer 2016 Leading Vendors to the Top 1,000

Internet Retailer 2016 Leading Vendors to the Top 1,000

This 363-page resource serves as an annual ranking of the 197 biggest vendors based on their number of retail clients ranked in the Internet Retailer 2015 Top 500 Guide® and Second 500 Guide and the web sales those retailers represent. Click here for more information.