2017 Edition | Released September 2016

Leading Vendors to the Top 1000

Ranking the Top Solutions Providers in E-Commerce

Ranking the Top Solutions Providers in E-Commerce

  • Ranks top vendors across 30 tech categories by clients and sales
  • Lists pricing, vendor contact names and key product details
  • Detailed profiles with more than two dozen data points per listing
  • In-depth analysis on key trends shaping e-retailers’ technology strategies
2017 Leading Vendors, Devices
Available in the following formats:
  • Report PDF
  • Vendor Database
Comprehensive Research Ranking In-Demand E-Commerce Vendors

Granular details on the top vendors and every e-retailing client they serve

Who are the biggest e-commerce applications and services providers catering to North America’s Top 1000 e-retailers? Which leading North American e-retailers are using which vendors, and for which application or service? How many total clients does one of these top e-commerce vendors have? The 2017 Leading Vendors to the Top 1000 reveals the answers. Vendor rankings are based on their number of retail clients ranked in the 2016 Top 500 Guide® and Second 500 Guide and the web sales those retailers represent. This exclusive research comprehensively ranks every vendor across 30 solutions categories—from affiliate marketing to web site testing/optimization. The database format ranks all 1,807 e-commerce applications and services providers to the Top 1000 e-retailers, while the PDF ranks the top 10 companies in each of the 30 technology categories—for a total of 314 companies when accounting for ties.

What you get

  • Between 314 e-commerce vendor rankings (PDF) and 1,807 (database)
  • Comprehensive listing of each vendor's clients and services performed for each (database)
  • Tally of top six e-retail clients each vendor serves (PDF)
  • 41 metrics per vendor (both)
  • Rankings across 30 solutions categories (both)
  • Entry-level pricing info and full descriptions of each vendor's technology or service (both)
  • Names, titles and corporate address information on between 882 (PDF)  and 1,926 (database) executives


Definitive rankings of solutions providers across 30 categories.

The 379-page digital guide version profiles the top 10 vendors per solutions category, for a total of 314 vendors. See at a glance which solutions providers dominate their respective categories and who their major retailing clients are.

Vendors in this Edition Include:

Database Metrics

Get up to 41 individual data elements for each ranked and profiled e-commerce vendor.

All data elements are organized under the major headings of General, Clients, Sales, Top 1,000 Clients, Product Category, Products/Services, Corporate, and Management. For the database version, please note that corporate information is not completely available for all 1,807 ranked and profiled vendors.

  • General
  • Company name
  • Technology category
  • 2016 rank in category
  • Clients
  • Top 1000 retailers 2016
  • Top 1000 retailers 2015
  • Top 1000 growth
  • Top 500 retailers 2016
  • Top 500 retailers 2015
  • Top 500 growth
  • Second 500 retailers 2016
  • Second 500 retailers 2015
  • Second 500 growth
  • Sales
  • $10 million or less
  • $11-50 million
  • $51-100 million
  • $101-500 million
  • $501 million or more
  • Top 1000 Clients by Merchant Type
  • Web only
  • Chain retailer
  • Manufacturer
  • Catalog/Call center
  • Top 1000 clients by Product Category
  • Primary Category
  • Top 1000 retailers
  • Second 500 retailers
  • All Vendor Retailer Clients
  • Products/Services
  • Products/Services
  • Entry level pricing
  • Corporate Information
  • Primary URL
  • Year Launched
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Postal code
  • Phone Number
  • Management
  • Executive Names/Titles


These are the 30 separate e-commerce technology and services categories by which the companies listed in the 2016 Leading Vendors to the Top 1,000 are ranked.

Affiliate Marketing
Comparison Engine Feeds
Content Delivery
Content Management
Customer Reviews & Forums
Customer Service Software
E-Commerce Platform
E-Mail Marketing
International Services
Live Chat/Click-To-Call
Marketplace Management
Mobile Commerce
Online Advertising
Order Management
Payment Security
Payment Systems
Rich Media
Search Engine Marketing
Security Certification
Shipping Carrier
Site Design
Site Search
Social Media Marketing
Web Analytics
Web Hosting
Web Performance Monitoring
Web Site Testing/Optimization

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