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2014 Top 500 Guide®:

The Top 500® Guide Delivers Actionable Intelligence
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We all know that knowledge is power but that statement especially rings true in the world of online retailing. Developing and revising strategies for implementation at all levels of your business—from growing your technology infrastructure to scale to all aspects of your web site design and the testing of its functionality across multiple platforms to inventory and supply chain management issues to your marketing plans and so much more—require ceaseless effort. They also require that you've done your due diligence on the competitive strategies, marketing practices and new technologies that propel the growth of web-based retailing.

That's where the 448-page 2014 Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide® comes in. Its sheer volume of exclusive competitive data gives you invaluable insights on how to help grow your business in an increasingly crowded e-retailing landscape.


• More than 130,000 facts and figures
• 263 metrics tracked per retailer
• An index of 2,272 e-commerce executive names


• A comprehensive scope: The Guide’s overview article covers all Top 500 trends—who’s winning and losing among online retailing’s largest players, and what’s driving overall growth in online sales
• The battle of the merchant types: With Amazon at the helm, web-only retailers continue to grow the fastest among all merchant types and represented nearly half of all Top 500 growth last year. However, store-based retailers are catching on to the power of the web and have launched initiatives to leverage their stores in concert with the web to grow online sales 16.7% to $88.76 billion, and the result is they comprise 30% of total Top 500 growth as a merchant type.
• Spotlight on technology: Feature technology story on e-commerce platform providers to mid-tier retailers

“The Top 500 Guide® is a wealth of market data on Internet retailing that you really can’t find anywhere else.  We use it frequently to discover market trends, track market leaders and discover ways that we can improve our offerings to stay ahead of the competition.”
– Philip Gosling, E-Commerce Executive, Web-Only Merchant

Top 500 Facts

Growth rate in 2013 U.S. e-commerce sales


How much the Top 500 grew in 2013


2013 e-commerce growth rate for


Amazon’s 2013 growth rate

Key Features

  • Sales Figures2013 web sales of the 500 largest U.S. e-retailers

  • Thorough Analysis263 total metrics per profiled e-retailer: financial, operations, performance and others

  • Comprehensive ScopeFeature articles spotlight all Top 500 trends

  • Industry Contacts2,272 online retailing executives

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