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Top Tech Guide


1. Ranking

Lists the solution provider’s rank in their core e-commerce technology category in each of the past two years.

2. Sales

The supplier is ranked on the total client web sales their collective Top 1,000 merchants represent in that category.

3. Customers

The number of verified Top 1,000 customers a supplier has overall, broken down by merchant type.

4. Principal categories

The number & names of Top 1,000 merchants & related metrics broken out by two principal merchandise categories.

5. Product information

A summary of each supplier’s products and services, with available information on pricing.

6. Corporate information

Main mailing address, phone number, web site address, year established, and names of key executives (CEO, CIO, CMO).


How much Top 1,000 vendors grew their combined merchant base in 2013


How fast personalization technology deployment grew in 2013 based on Top 1,000 installations


How fast e-commerce platform deployment grew in 2013 based on total Top 1,000 installations


How fast Certona grew its Top 1,000 retailer count in 2013

Key Features

  • Freestanding Listings281 listings of the top tech vendors in each of 28 solutions categories

  • Detailed Data Summaryshare of total solutions category web sales, customer info and more

  • E-Commerce Market Leaders28 easily searchable solutions categories

  • Stats at a Glance9,273 total data points on the top tech vendors

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