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Supply Chain

If you buy it on, will it sell on eBay?

A new B2B marketplace launches for retailers

Distributor Essendant names a new CEO bullish on online B2B sales


Vendor Financials

Salesforce scores a 23% increase in Q1 revenue

Inventory management specialist TradeGecko receives nearly $7 million in funding

A new investment fund emerges for Internet tech startups


Industry Statistics

B2B companies will lead tomorrow’s investments in e-commerce technology

Retailers need to better meld mobile, web and store shopping

How to play in the $1 trillion B2B online market


Content Management

A distributor of recycling bins boosts sales after trashing its old price-quote system

Online sales heat up for a fire and defense equipment manufacturer

How B2B companies use online “deal rooms” to close deals


Customer Service

StellaService raises $15 million

Amazon expands its Prime Now one-hour delivery offering to Chicago and Indianapolis

Nabbing that second online order is key to cementing a customer relationship


E-commerce Platforms

Bringing the Hallmark brand into B2B e-commerce

Shopify’s revenue jumps 89% in its first quarter as a public company

E-commerce software vendor NetSuite reports a 35% increase in Q2 revenue


E-Payments & Security

Trying to stop fraud in a snap—with a selfie

Installment pay option resonates with

Thousands of apps secretly run ads that consumers never see



Wayfair gets into beds with retailer Mattress Firm

UPS expands its parcel pickup network in advance of the holiday season

How PetcoNow fits into Petco’s sales strategy


Marketing Technology

A B2B marketing firm receives $30 million in funding

The B2B social media sales pitch: Giants tickets, anyone?

Global e-marketing services firm Merkle steps up its focus on the B2B market


Order Management

Business buyers buy more once they start purchasing online

DSW will add buy online, pick up in store capabilities

Online activity steps up for furniture manufacturer RST Brands


Performance Management

Costco takes the top spot in a test of retailers’ mobile and website performance

Website performance management firms Dynatrace and Keynote merge

E-retailers plan to spend more on website testing



Targeted sales pitches rank high on shoppers’ holiday wish lists

The Internet of Things will trigger a deluge of data

How should brands use wearables?


Web Site Analytics

Mobile dominates an e-retailer’s stats sheet during the NCAA basketball tournament

E-retailers’ traffic surges after Christmas

It’s an extra-merry holiday season for retailers that upgraded their mobile sites


In-store Systems

The online roots of Nordstrom’s latest digital-in-store creation

Jawbone outfits its latest model for in-store mobile payments

Apple Pay running into hurdles at checkout, survey finds



A medical records software provider cures itself of expensive data storage

Online sales tax: Lots of talk, little action

Popular streaming services will cost Chicagoans more


Client Contracts

Search results could send Amazon to trial

Salesforce scores a 23% increase in Q1 revenue

Amazon and Hachette reach a deal on book prices


Technology Newsmakers snags $35 million in fresh funding

Google racks up double-digit paid click growth in Q2

Best Buy will become the first major retail chain to sell the Apple Watch



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