The 2014 Second 500 Guide®:

Glean Valuable Best Practices from E-Retailing's Minor Leagues

We measure the growth and performance of the Second 500 e-retailers—ones operating in North America that are ranked 501-1,000 based on 2013 online sales— for the same reason we report hundreds of metrics on each of the Top 500 web merchants: to provide e-retailers with competitive information they can use to improve their businesses. There's as much competitive information to be gleaned in studying mid-tier players as there is in tracking the major e-retailers. In fact, the competitive secrets of the all-new 2014 Second 500 Guide may be even more compelling because they are lesser known and are often more innovative and aggressive when it comes to applying best e-retailing practices. They target market niches better than many large e-retailers and use social media more effectively as well. And because they compete for the quarter of e-commerce that is not controlled by the Top 500, they offer powerful competitive models for the hundreds of thousands of serious e-retailers who can build a profitable e-commerce business without ever making it to the Major Leagues.

As e-commerce continues to grow in the U.S. at a rate that's four times greater than store-based retailing—16.9% versus 3.7%, according to the Department of Commerce—nimble mid-tier web merchants continue to hold their own against large retail chains and the likes of Amazon. Not only that, but they're increasingly acquiring huge amounts of venture capital to fund their growth, leading, in many cases, to web sales success that propels them into the ranks of the Top 500 Guide! Consider the following examples:

•, No. 515 in last year's Second 500 is now No. 437 in this year's Top 500
• Cat5 Commerce, No. 502 in last year's Second 500 is now No. 469 in this year's Top 500
•, No. 503 in last year's Second 500 is now No. 481 in this year's Top 500
• LLC, No. 509 in last year's Second 500 is now No. 493 in this year's Top 500
•, No. 512 in last year's Second 500 is now No. 498 in this year's Top 500

The Second 500 Guide identified these web merchants as future movers and shakers. Which businesses will follow suit this year? And how can you extrapolate their benchmarks for success to help grow your own business? The answers lie within the pages of the 2014 Second 500 Guide—the only research publication that documents the growth of this dynamic mid-market in e-retailing by annual sales and other key metrics.

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Key Features

  • Sales Figures2013 online sales of web merchants ranked 501-1,000

  • Thorough AnalysisComplete financial, operations, performance details on each ranked e-retailer

  • Comprehensive ScopeFeatures citing trends for mid-market retailers

  • Industry Contacts1,270 online retailing executives

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