2016 Edition | Released May 2016

Second 500

The Rising Stars of E-Retailing in America

130,500 facts on America's 500 mid-tier e-retailers concerning this web stores.

  • Rankings, analysis and in-depth profiles of key players and trends of the mid-tier of e-commerce
  • 320-page print/digital edition has 71 metrics per retailer profile
  • First-ever Internet Retailer Performance Score per retailer
2016 Second 500 Guide, Devices
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Outmaneuvering and Outgrowing the Top 500

The small and mid-size retailers of the 2016 Second 500 outperform their larger rivals.

Second 500 web merchants—whose 2015 web sales fell between $1.7 million-$28.3 million—are proving that small can indeed be mighty. As a group, they grew their online sales last year by 14.9% to $6.99 billion, far ahead of their much larger Top 500 competitors, who grew at 13.5%. But the stakes are higher than ever, with Amazon now owning roughly a third of the U.S. e-retail market, forcing retailers and brands to rethink their strategies to succeed online. The fruits of their efforts are chronicled in the 6th edition of the Second 500 Guide, which, for the first time, ranks each web merchant by an Internet Retailer Performance Score that takes 10 metrics into account in addition to providing rankings of all 500 with 2015 web sales as the basis.

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What you get

  • Rankings and profiles of key player in the mid-tier, each with up to 71 data elements
  • Names and corporate contact information on 1,313 e-commerce executives
  • Overview story analyzing small retailers’ challenges and strategic successes
  • Multiple charts, including fastest-growing e-retailers by merchant type and category
  • List of solutions providers across 30 categories per retailer (Guide)

We’'ve been profitable from day one and, little by little, invested everything back into the company.

-– Elena Castaneda, owner, Bling Jewelry, ranked no. 700 in the Sec


Exclusive rankings and analysis of North America's e-retailers ranked 501-1,000

In the Second 500 Guide, you're equipping your business with the most comprehensive e-commerce intelligence on the key players defining the mid-tier e-commerce space in the U.S. Also included is in-depth analysis of what strategies are driving growth for merchants in this sector, and multiple charts and tables that show rankings by growth, sales, category and other metrics.

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Performance Score

Now each ranked Second 500 e-retailer is ranked by the Internet Retailer Performance Score, which measures merchants' success in online retail as compared to their peers and the U.S. e-commerce market overall. The following 10 metrics are factored into each merchant's Performance Score: 2015 web sales, 2015 web sales growth, 5-year compound annual web sales growth rate, each merchant's rank in its respective merchandise category, a comparison of each merchant's 2015 growth rate to the collective growth rate of all Second 500 merchants in the same category, conversion rate index, a check on whether or not the retailer has a mobile-optimized site, the time it takes to load a website and the percentage of site traffic each merchant receives from social networks.

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