All-New Data on the Masters of Mobile Commerce

Completely new and expanded, the 2015 Mobile 500 is packed with the most current competitive financial, operating, performance and marketing data—in all, 53 data elements per e-retailer—on each of the 500 largest merchants in m-commerce worldwide in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America. This treasure trove of information includes never-before-released data such as:

• Breakdown of mobile sales:
     – Smartphones vs. tablets
     – Sales via web sites on smartphones & tablets versus sales via mobile apps

• Mobile sales as a percentage of total web sales

The 2015 Mobile 500 data show that 42.4% of 2014 mobile sales by mobile 500 web merchants will stem from mobile apps. As an industry-first exclusive, the 2015 Mobile 500 features a massive expansion of app coverage for each Mobile 500 company, including data on:

• iPhone app
• iPad app
• Universal iOS app
• Android Smartphone app
• Android Tablet app
• Universal Android app
• 2014 app sales as percentage of mobile sales
• App Sales (smartphone + tablet) 2014
• App Sales (smartphone + tablet) 2013
• App engagement metric
• 1- or 2-Click Checkout
• Alternate Images
• Image Zoom
• In-Store Features
• Location Aware
• Native Checkout
• Push Notifications

Mobile 500 Facts

How fast the Mobile 500 will grow in 2014


How much Google Play will grow m-commerce in 2014


The number of Mobile 500 retailers with responsive design sites


Percentage of mobile sales from apps for Peapod

Key Features

  • Sales Figures2014 m-commerce sales of 500 leading worldwide retailers

  • Bold InsightsIndustry experts share their ideas on effective mobile site design & app development

  • Thorough AnalysisKey financial, operations, & performance metrics

  • Industry ContactsNames of 831 mobile commerce executives

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