2017 Edition | Released August 2016

Mobile 500

Ranking the World’s Largest Mobile Commerce Players

Updated index of more than 300 suppliers of m-commerce technology and services

  • 61-page PDF analyzes key global trends, top players driving growth, & change in mobile commerce
  • Global rankings of largest 500 mobile commerce retailers in the world
  • Multiple charts, including Top 10 mobile retailers by region, + fastest-growing merchants around the world
2017 Mobile 500 Guide, Devices
Available in the following formats:
  • Executive PDF
Meet the 500 Global Masters of Mobile Commerce

They're on pace to grow their mobile sales 53% this year to $220 billion.

Today, many mobile retail leaders see mobile as a technology that can benefit them in a variety of new and ever-evolving ways beyond a mobile site or app. Not only are the retailers ranked in the all-new 2017 edition of the Internet Retailer Mobile 500 beginning to design for mobile first, they're also exploring the early capabilities of bots and artificial intelligence, and sampling a fresh and growing crop of mobile tools offered by Google and Facebook. Available in a 61-page PDF, the Mobile 500 gives you to competitive intelligence you need to improve your mobile strategy and better connect with on-the-go consumers.

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What you get

  • Global and by market rankings of largest 500 mobile commerce retailers in the world
  • Feature story on how e-retailers are using new technology to adapt their mobile strategies
  • Key charts on market size, growth and key players in each region and product category
  • Case studies on top mobile merchants like Staples, CustomInk and Lenovo

Mobile is transforming commerce, and there’s no sign that the pace of change is slowing.

-– Katie Evans, Chief Technology Editor, Internet Retailer


Your survival guide for the next revolution in e-retailing

The 2017 Mobile 500 Online Database showcases company rankings and financial metrics on the 500 leading m-commerce companies worldwide. The database offers up to 54 separate data elements per retailer, as well as names and company addresses for 500 m-commerce executives. The Executive Report PDF provides 59-pages of in-depth analysis, benchmarks and data charts, as well as overall rankings 1-500.

You'll learn the tech, marketing, and sales info for these top retailers

Report PDF

Included in the Mobile 500 Executive Report PDF
  • All-new mobile commerce rankings and mobile commerce growth rates for each of 500 leading global mobile commerce competitors across the U.S., Europe, Latin America and Asia
  • An in-depth analysis detailing how the leaders in mobile commerce are using new mobile technology to drive more sales from increasingly on-the-go consumers
  • Detailed data highlighting the largest and fastest-growing mobile commerce players by region, category and merchant type
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