Mobile e-mail drives more revenue per click

But only about 16% of e-mail-driven sales occur on mobile devices, a study finds.

Paul Demery

Consumers viewing a retailer’s e-mail on a smartphone or tablet don’t click through to the site that often, but when they do they often buy, e-mail services provider Yesmail Interactive says in a new study.

“E-mails opened on mobile have a better chance of reaching consumers at the right place and right time during the busy holiday shopping season,” Yesmail Interactive president Michael Fisher says.

In a study of more than 5 billion e-mail marketing messages the company sent for clients in the third quarter, Yesmail finds that revenue per e-mail click on mobile devices is almost double that of clicks from desktops, $7.14 compared with $3.26. “While mobile e-mails are clicked less, they lead to purchases more often,” Yesmail says.

Nonetheless, most sales from e-mail come from consumers using computers, with only about 16% of sales coming from consumers using smartphones or tablets. The study also finds that retail average order values resulting from e-mail are slightly lower on mobile devices, at $58.64, compared with $61.06 for non-mobile computers.

When it comes to the type of mobile device e-mail recipients use to make an online purchase, tablets—virtually all of them iPads—account for more than half of the purchases. Of the 16% of purchases driven by e-mail, 56% occur on a tablet computer—and more than 99% of those tablets are iPads, the study finds.

For e-mail-driven purchases on smartphones, 59% occur on an iPhone, the remainder on Android phones, Yesmail says. Yesmail is a unit of Infogroup, a provider of marketing technology and services.


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