A manufacturer grows direct-to-consumer sales with new e-commerce software

Pet supplies company Pup-Pee Solutions now sells to 84 countries.

Paul Demery

Since re-launching its e-commerce site on a new technology platform three years ago, pet supplies manufacturer and distributor Pup-Pee Solutions has expanded business-to-business and direct-to-consumer sales to more than 84 countries, founder Tobi Skovron says.

At the same, he adds, his company has grown its consumer sales to 18% of total sales from 3%.

Pup-Pee Solutions, which Skovron launched in Australia in 2003 but now operates from Los Angeles, migrated to an Internet-hosted e-commerce platform in 2010 from NetSuite Inc. The SuiteCommerce platform that NetSuite introduced in 2012 has provided several advantages in web site operations, such as the ability to more quickly process orders from both businesses and consumers, Skovron says.

For example, the “order to cash” process—the steps required to receive customer orders, process them and receive payment—for handling online B2B orders using the company’s previous e-commerce technology  required up to 15 manual steps to enter business customers’ order data, process order fulfillment, send invoices and receive payment. Using the new e-commerce application, which is integrated with NetSuite’s business software for managing inventory, financial records and customer records, Pup-Pee Solutions can now complete B2B customer orders and process payments in three steps instead of 15, Skovron says.

The new e-commerce platform is also helping Pup-Pee Solutions to better educate both its B2B and consumer customers, he adds. The company specializes in selling products such as the Pet Loo, which is designed as a receptacle covered with artificial grass that allows dogs to relieve themselves in-doors when going outside is not an option. With a file manager application within the NetSuite platform, Pup-Pee Solutions has been able to let its wholesale retail store clients as well as its online consumer customers to download product demonstration videos. 

“Adding videos to our site has played a big role in taking our consumer sales from 3% to 18o% of total sales,” Skovron says.

The cost to retailers to deploy NetSuite SuiteCommerce software starts at $1,999 per month for the Mid-market version and $3,999 per month for the Enterprise version, which can handle more product catalogs, NetSuite says

Pup-Pee Solutions is a unit of Knoxville, TN-based PetSafe. 


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