An affiliate network’s mobile commerce sales hit a record high

Mobile accounts for 16.5% of all sales in April at Affiliate Window.

Bill Siwicki

Mobile commerce sales surpassed 15% of total sales at U.S. and U.K. affiliate network Affiliate Window for the first time, reaching 16.5% in April 2013, the network reports. That’s up from 14.2% in March.

9.8% of total sales in April stemmed from tablets, up from 8.6% in March; 6.7% came from smartphones, up from 5.6% in March.

The network registered 13,000 mobile sales per day in April—7,500 per day on tablets and 5,500 per day on smartphones. Affiliate Window, which includes more than 10,000 affiliate sites, delivered three times more mobile sales in April 2013 than in April 2012.

19.1% of total traffic on the affiliate network in April came from mobile devices, down from 21.1% in March, the network reports. 11.4% of total traffic stemmed from smartphones in April, down from 12.5% in March; 7.7% of total April traffic came from tablets, down from 8.6% in March.

The conversion rate for mobile traffic in April was 3.43%, up from 3.3% in March, Affiliate Window says.

While Apple Inc.’s iPad and iPhone continue to dominate mobile traffic and sales, Affiliate Window’s sales on Android devices have never been higher. The network recorded more sales through Android devices in April 2013 than it did for the first four months of 2012.

“More advanced Android handsets are coming on the market. Additionally, the typical upgrade option for consumers is likely to be an Android handset,” says Matt Swan, a client strategist at Affiliate Window. “While Apple customers tend to be early adopters, a new audience is being attracted to Android. With more competitive price points, Android provides a cost-effective alternative to owning an iPhone. And as consumer confidence increases in transacting through mobile devices and advertisers improve their mobile sites, we are seeing Android sales experiencing strong growth.”

In April 2013, the iPad accounted for 40.38% of mobile traffic, the iPhone 34.51%, Android phones 13.56%, Android tablets 5.27%, and other mobile devices 6.28%.

In April 2013, the iPad accounted for 57.99% of mobile sales, the iPhone 21.66%, Android phones 11.41%, Android tablets 3.26%, and other mobile devices 5.68%.


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