Many tablet owners fall out of love with their laptops

20% say they use a tablet in place of a laptop nearly all the time.

Bill Siwicki

Laptops might start gathering some dust now that tablets have gone mainstream. About one-fifth of tablet owners say their tablet replaces their laptop about 75-100% of the time, finds a new survey from online and mobile deal-finder BuyVia.

About one-fifth of tablet owners say their tablet replaces their laptop about 50-75% of the time; roughly one-third say about 25-50% of the time, and about 20% about 25% of the time. 6% say tablets haven’t replaced their laptop at all, and 6% say they do not own a laptop, according to the survey of 1,000 mobile device owners. The total exceeds 100% due to rounding.

The top three activities on tablets are web surfing, e-mail and games; the activities consumers least often turn to tablets for are video conferencing, taking pictures or videos, and listening to music, the BuyVia survey finds.

65% of survey respondents own a tablet, 23% an e-reader, and 27% neither. Among tablet owners, 60% own an iPad, 17% a Kindle Fire, 10% a Samsung Galaxy Tab, 4% a Google Nexus, 1% a Microsoft Surface and 9% another brand. The total exceeds 100% due to rounding.

“A lot of people have been sounding the death knell for e-readers, but they remain a popular device,” says Norman Fong, CEO and co-founder of BuyVia. “While full-function web/app-enabled tablets like the iPad dominate the tablet market, e-readers remain popular for avid readers who crave a single-purpose device. As Barnes and Noble and Amazon bridge the gap between e-readers and tablet devices with the Nook and Kindle Fire, it’ll be interesting to see if traditional e-readers remain popular or if the shift to more affordable, multi-use, Internet-enabled devices eventually eliminates the demand for basic e-readers.”

The three most important features to consumers in their next tablet purchase are a faster processor, lower price and additional storage; the least important features are a smaller screen, a device that weighs less, and a new operating system, the survey finds.


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