Nikon Europe auto-adjusts its image

HP’s Autonomy software helps keep the camera maker’s brand consistent across the continent.

Amy Dusto

Nikon Europe, a division of camera, lenses and optical gear manufacturer Nikon Corp., in the last several months overhauled its content management system to help it maintain a consistent brand image across all the 35 web sites in 33 countries and 26 languages to which it sells, the company says. It selected HP Autonomy’s Virage MediaBin technology for the job.

“Our global penetration and impressive growth have presented Nikon with a formidable challenge: how to boost collaboration and improve efficiency while ensuring brand consistency across a comprehensive range of geographical locations and languages,” says David Ward, Europe, Middle East and Africa marketing systems manager at Nikon Corp.

Virage MediaBin allows Nikon Europe to control all its marketing campaigns from a single interface and send matching marketing messages translated for each country-specific web site in one click, it says. That’s helped keep the brand’s messaging consistent and made marketing more efficient, Nikon says, without sharing specific details on cost or time savings.  

Previously, each Nikon Europe franchise contracted its own design agency to create content for its web site, the company says. That resulted in irregular logos and an unclear communication of the brand, it says. Now it creates rich media—including regular and 3-D images and videos—for all its European e-commerce sites from its Japanese headquarters, in English. Virage MediaBin then automatically translates and publishes that content on each national site, with images appropriate for that location, Nikon says.

Retailers targeting customers in many geographic locations sometimes tailor local site images to better reflect a region’s customs and culture. That way, for example, images of baseball that resonate well with U.S. customers may on a Dutch web site be replaced with images of sports more popular among Dutch customers, like cycling.


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