Comparison shopping site PriceGrabber upgrades its iPhone app

The enhanced app features greater speed, larger product images and refined search.

Bill Siwicki

Comparison shopping site PriceGrabber has updated its iPhone app with the aim of speeding shoppers to the products they’re seeking and better displaying products throughout the app.

App updates include increased speed for consumers when accessing the PriceGrabber home screen, larger images throughout, straightforward product pages with added details and features, increased number of product images, and refined product searches for improved results.

“The updated iPhone app really focuses on improved usability,” says Tim Fernholtz, mobile product manager at PriceGrabber. “Consumers will be able to find the products they are searching for much easier because of the larger images throughout the app as well as improved product filtering when shoppers conduct research.”

Additional iPhone app features include:

At PriceGrabber shoppers can find and compare over 80 million products and services across 27 categories with more than 11,000 merchants and sellers, the company says.


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