Amazon has a commanding lead among mobile department stores

The e-retailer receives nearly 60% of visits in this category, Hitwise Mobile says.

Bill Siwicki

Amazon.com Inc. dominates the mobile department store realm, a study from a new service from web measurement firm Hitwise shows. What’s more, Amazon.com’s share of visits among mobile commerce department store shoppers is significantly larger than its share of desktop PC visits, finds Hitwise Mobile, a measurement service of Experian Marketing Services.

Amazon receives 59.36% of mobile department store visits, Hitwise Mobile says. Its closest competitor, Walmart.com, receives only 8.53% of visits. Comparing m-commerce to e-commerce, Amazon receives 45.24% of desktop PC department store visits, more than 14 percentage points less than its mobile share, Hitwise Mobile says.

“Amazon’s No. 1 ranking in mobile market share is most likely attributable to the site becoming instrumental in purchase decision making and furthering Amazon’s role in the showrooming effect within retail,” says Bill Tancer, general manager of global research at Experian Marketing Services. “Consumers at home, work or in a bricks-and-mortar store are likely to visit Amazon’s mobile site to conduct real-time cost-benefit analysis by checking for the best possible price and leveraging user reviews and product rankings to make real-time informed decisions.”

Following are the department stores ranked by Hitwise Mobile, the mobile share of visits, and the desktop share of visits:

Hitwise Mobile is a new Experian Marketing Services product that provides data on mobile Internet activity on smartphones and tablets based on both Wi-Fi and 3G/4G wireless network data samples. Experian’s data providers are a mix of Internet service providers and specific mobile data partners. The mobile data providers allow Experian to access on-device measurements that enable insights into usage of the Internet on both smartphones and tablets. This is combined with Wi-Fi data from Experian’s existing Internet service provider partners to create a comprehensive view of the mobile space, Experian says. Experian declines to name the data partners.

In early February, web and mobile measurement firm comScore Inc. expanded its mobile measurement assets, aiming to better measure the multi-platform behaviors of today’s consumers, many of whom own a PC and one or more mobile devices. ComScore now can measure data on the activity of more than 1 million smartphone users, 400,000 tablet owners, and 150,000 households with connected home devices such as game consoles and smart TVs. These large sample sizes help comScore’s multi-platform audience service and ad campaign ratings service provide granular insights, the firm says.


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