Sneakpeeq.com: Completely social

Sneakpeeq adds a social element into everything on its site.

Zak Stambor

Flash-sale retailer Sneakpeeq counts on shoppers’ interest in what their friends are browsing and buying. The belief that shopping is social is why consumers have to sign in using their Facebook login, regardless of whether they buy on Sneakpeeq.com or on its Facebook storefront. That may keep some shoppers away, but it ultimately produces a better experience, says Henry Kim, Sneakpeeq president. The site’s social integration enables it to broadcast the actions a consumer takes on Sneakpeeq to her Facebook connections—especially since instead of listing prices, consumers have to open the item and click a Peeq button to see the price. Each peeq, which is broadcast to her Facebook friends, lowers an item's price; consumers can buy the item at the reduced price until the inventory runs out.

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