Nutrisystem Selects Thales to Secure Payments

This continues in line with Nutrisystem’s objective to ensure that every customer transaction is secure.


Weston, FL – August 28, 2012 – Thales, leader in information systems and communications security, announces that its encryption and key management solutions have been deployed by Nutrisystem, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTRI), a leading provider of weight management products and services to achieve compliance under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This continues in line with Nutrisystem’s objective to ensure that every customer transaction is secure.

Nutrisystem has been helping America get healthy and lose weight for over 40 years. Its comprehensive weight loss program and products are sold direct to the consumer, with the vast majority of its sales made over the internet using debit or credit cards.

PCI DSS requires organizations that accept and process payment card data to apply proper controls to that data as it crosses networks, is processed in business applications and is stored in databases and archives. Thales nShield Connect hardware security modules (HSMs) provide the hardened high assurance encryption processing that enables Nutrisystem to comply with these PCI DSS requirements. Thales encryption and key management solutions deliver the comprehensive key management processes and procedures specified by the standard, eliminating time-consuming manual processes for managing and periodically updating encryption keys. Customer data is therefore provided with high assurance protection against theft or manipulation and Nutrisystem is protected from the potentially high risks and costs associated with compromised data.

“After evaluating a number of competitive solutions on the market, Nutrisystem selected Thales based on the solution’s performance, redundancy, ease of key management and integration, as well as its competitive pricing.

Thales delivered a solution that perfectly matches the requirements of a complex, high transaction e-commerce business such as ours,” said Todd Sellers, Senior Director of Infrastructure and Telecom at Nutrisystem. “We required a fast and flexible system consistent with a 24/7 operation that would help us safeguard our data against theft or manipulation and meet our goal of PCI DSS compliance. The Thales Advanced Solutions Group professional services team and GEOBRIDGE, a longtime partner of Thales, quickly understood our requirements and developed a solution that enabled us to protect our data, protect our reputation and build trust with our customers.”

“From the largest merchants to the small internet stores, compliance with PCI DSS is critical to safeguarding customers’ payment card information.

Thales nShield solutions reduce the cost and complexity of protecting sensitive card holder data allowing merchants to achieve PCI DSS compliance,” says Cindy Provin, President Thales e-Security, Americas.

“Thales nShield HSMs coupled with our world class professional services enable customers such as Nutrisystem to protect stored data and encryption keys as well as develop and maintain secure systems and applications that comply with PCI DSS requirements.”

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About Nutrisystem

Having helped Americans lose millions of pounds over the last 40 years, Nutrisystem, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTRI) develops evidence-based programs for healthy weight management, and is the leading provider of home-delivered weight loss meal plans. Nutrisystem offers balanced nutrition in the form of low glycemic index meal plans designed for men and women, including seniors, vegetarians and the Nutrisystem® D® program for people with diabetes or at risk for type 2 diabetes. Nutrisystem® plans include a wide variety of pantry and fresh-frozen entrees and snacks to aid in program satisfaction and adherence, as well as transition plans to support long-term success. The Fort Washington, PA-based company also provides weight management support and counseling by trained weight-loss coaches and registered dietitians, as well as through an engaged online community, online tools and trackers, mobile apps, cookbooks and more. Healthcare professionals may learn more about the programs by visiting www.nutrisystem.com/hcp.  Nutrisystem® weight loss plans are available directly to consumers through www.nutrisystem.com, by phone (1-800-435-4074) and at select retailers. The Company has also introduced a new in-store retail line, Nutrisystem® Everyday™ products, comprised of nutritionally balanced bars, smoothies, bakery and breakfast items aimed at consumers who aspire to eat healthier.

About Thales e-Security

Thales e-Security is a leading global provider of data encryption and cyber security solutions to the financial services, high technology manufacturing, government and technology sectors.  With a 40-year track record of protecting corporate and government information, Thales solutions are used by four of the five largest energy and aerospace companies, 22 NATO countries, and they secure more than 70 percent of worldwide payment transactions.  Thales e-Security has offices in Australia, France, Hong Kong, Norway, United States and the United Kingdom. www.thales-esecurity.com

About Thales

Thales is a global technology leader for the Defence & Security and the Aerospace & Transport markets. In 2011 the company generated revenues of €13 billion with 67,000 employees in 56 countries. With its 22,500 engineers and researchers, Thales has a unique capability to design, develop and deploy equipment, systems and services that meet the most complex security requirements. Thales has an exceptional international footprint, with operations around the world working with customers and local partners.



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