Get to know your mobile shoppers

An MMCF speaker will discuss how to know if mobile users are satisfied.

Zak Stambor

Beyond looking at what devices consumers are using to visit a retailer’s mobile site or app, retailers also must understand whether shoppers are satisfied with theirmobile commerceexperience, says Eric Feinberg, ForeSee’s senior director, mobile, media and entertainment. Otherwise, they won’t be able to tell what compels one shopper to become a frequent site visitor while another visits once and never returns.  

“You need to have a nuanced look at your customers,” says Feinberg, who will discuss mobile consumer satisfaction metrics at the 2012 Internet Retailer Mobile Marketing & Commerce Forum 2012 Oct. 9 in San Diego during a session entitled “Knowing the m-commerce customer.” And it isn’t enough to know that, in general, mobile users are satisfied with a retailer’s mobile site. Retailers should dig into data to see if there are differences, for instance, in the satisfaction between Android tablet users and iPad users.

“There is a spectrum of metrics that retailers use,” he says. “They can’t rely on one set of metrics because, if they do, they’ll be missing the color and nuance that tells them how they can improve their business.”

Feinberg’s presentation will feature a number of examples of how retailers have used their knowledge of mobile shoppers’ satisfaction to revamp their mobile sites and apps.

The editors of Internet Retailer asked Feinberg to speak at MMCF 2012 because of his knowledge of how to measure and interpret mobile consumers’ satisfaction.  Feinberg is the chairman of the Web Analytics Association’s membership committee and serves as instructor for trade groups on the importance and application of attitudinal analytics, which connect traditional web analytics measures to site satisfaction survey results. Prior to joining ForeSee in 2004, he held positions that include web analyst, multichannel strategy consultant, usability specialist and focus group moderator. 


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