Iron Horse Interactive Launches Updated Versions of Their Highly Successful IHI Buying Guide and IHI Showcase

Engagement rates of over 50% and conversion rates of over 6% on average illustrate how new platform is significantly outperforming industry standards.


SAN RAMON, CA (June 18, 2012) – Iron Horse Interactive (IHI), a leading multi-channel  marketing company, today announced the launch of the latest versions of its Buying Guide 2.1™ and Showcase 2.0™ applications. 

The Buying Guide 2.1™, which is IHI's signature product-finder and recommendation solution, provides product marketers with the first fully-integrated online and mobile solution to reach prospects, simplify their buying experience, and analyze critical behavioral habits in a highly-targeted and measurable way.  The new version of the platform contains several innovative features, including:

Prior to its public launch, the IHI Buying Guide 2.1™ has been deployed on select national retail clients, and has already proven to be highly successful on both online and mobile channels.

In particular, engagement rates across more than 50,000 users who visited IHI applications  at a retail e-commerce site over the past few months were over 50% on average, significantly higher than the industry standard. Additionally, conversion rates ("Buy Now" actions) across mobile have been extremely effective at over 10% on average.

In addition to the launch of the IHI Buying Guide 2.1™, IHI also recently launched the latest version of its acclaimed customizable brand showcase platform, the IHI Showcase™. The new version of the IHI Showcase™ includes a wide range of new features and upgrades that weren't available on the previous platform, including:

This announcement follows a string of milestone achievements which IHI has announced over the past year, including the growth of its client base by more than 30 percent, as well as achieving industry-leading engagement and conversion rates for its clients..

For more information on Iron Horse Interactive, including a listing of customers, service offerings and recent company news, visit www.IronHorseInteractive.com. 


Iron Horse Interactive™ (IHI) is a multi-channel marketing company. IHI's technology platform and interactive services let companies increase demand for products and services by reaching their prospects anywhere. Whether prospects are on a company's website, channel partner site, social media site, mobile device, or across an ad network, IHI's technology provides personalized recommendations that keep customers engaged and drive higher conversions.


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