Personalized e-mails to likely buyers pay off for Totes-Isotoner

The retailer’s e-mail open rate quadrupled and average order value rose 10.5%.

Amy Dusto

Totes-Isotoner Corp. saw a 10.5% increase in average order value and a 21.4% lift in revenue per visitor from a trial remarketing e-mail campaign that featured personalized product recommendations.

The open rate increased from 8.6% in the first e-mail it sent to 33.7% in a second e-mail message. The click-through rate also jumped from 17.6% to 27.1%. The company did not say how much revenue increased as a result.

The two-part e-mail campaign earlier this year targeted consumers the retailer dubs “lookers,” consumers who viewed products online but did not purchase.  The retailer first sent e-mails to 450,000 lookers encouraging them to return and complete a purchase on its site. Totes then whittled the pool to 6,300 consumers deemed most likely to respond to further e-mails based on the recipients’ product views, cart abandonment and conversion rates after receiving the first e-mails, as measured with Adobe Digital Marketing Suiteanalytics technology.

Totes sent those select consumers e-mails containing product recommendations chosen by personalization service company MyBuys Inc., which Totes had previously determined could select products more likely to lead to sales than hand-picked products. In an earlier test, MyBuys-recommended items garnered a higher click rates than Totes-recommended items—11.1% versus 10.4%—with a resultant 18.9% lift in revenue.

 “You’ve got to use technology to help you because trying to do it manually will be rough,” says Totes director of e-commerce Chris Reighley.

Ultimately in the remarketing campaign, the focus on the most likely buyers combined with automated recommendations paid off. “We made more money on the 6,300 people than on the 450,000,” Reighley says.

Tote- Isotoner Corp. sells umbrellas, outerwear, accessories and apparel under the totes, Isotoner and Acorn brands. It is owned by private equity firm MidOcean Partners.

Chris Reighley will be speaking at the 2012 Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition in a session titled “Refining site search to meet your company’s needs.”


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