ChristmasPlace.com Finds More Stockings to Fill

Most recently, the online store has partnered with international e-Commerce specialist, Bongo International, to expand globally just in time for the 2011 holiday season.


Bridgeport, CT - November 30, 2011--That time of year is quickly approaching, but for many it can’t come soon enough. This is the proven premise for the continued success of ChristmasPlace.com. The brick & mortar store opened its doors 25 years ago in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and has continued developing since. Most recently, the online store has partnered with international e-Commerce specialist, Bongo International, to expand globally just in time for the 2011 holiday season.

Given the financial opportunity that international expansion offers to U.S. Retailers, the only decision that remains is which industry specialist is best equipped to get them there. There are an increasing number of providers to select from, so it’s important for Retailers to determine what their specific needs are. Bongo International has several advantages that differentiate them from other e-Commerce specialists. The first is the flexibility they offer to Retailers. The various needs of online stores are paramount when expanding globally. Currently, Bongo offers 3 different solution options, and each has been designed with firsthand industry knowledge. ChristmasPlace.com opted for the most recent solution, known as Bongo Checkout.
The Checkout solution will enable online stores to improve upon the current international conversion rate. “We were losing about 10% of potential order conversions because we could not effectively service international demand for our products. Thanks to Bongo, we’re now able to attract and retain that growing customer group with our expanded delivery solutions,” says Jennifer Williams, Internet Business Manager.
Bongo Checkout offers International consumers a localized checkout experience. This solution is designed for stores who are ready for the next level of revenue generation - minus any risk of fraud. This is an important feature, as international instances of fraud occur at 2 times the rate of domestic fraud. A recent report from Lexus Nexis Risk Solutions states that e-commerce, mobile payments, and international commerce provide the retail industry with the most growth opportunities, but they also present the greatest challenge to fraud prevention. This aspect of expansion must be evaluated in order to make the transition both secure and profitable. Bongo Checkout does just that.
Fraud protection is only one item on the list of benefits offered to Retailers through the Checkout solution. Language translation, HS classification, export compliance, full landed cost calculation (duty/tax/shipping), as well as shipping discounts to over 220 countries are all part of Bongo’s Checkout solution. “ChristmasPlace.com has been ahead of the curve in their progressive approach to increasing online sales. Reaching out to global consumers and offering their unique product around the world has already proven to be a winner this holiday season.” states Gregory Unger, Product Manager for Bongo International. “Accepting international orders are a must in this day and age. During the busiest shopping season of the year, it only makes sense to reach out to the global community and meet maximum consumer demand”

U.S. online Retailers looking to make the most out of the 2011 holiday season may contact a Bongo solution specialist anytime to discuss their specific needs for international expansion. For more information, please https://bongous.com/checkout/index.php, or contact Greg Unger at Greg(dot)Unger(at)BongoUS(dot)com

About Bongo
Bongo International, LLC was founded in 2007 to overcome the challenges associated with International Cross Border Ecommerce transactions by both Consumers and Businesses. Today Bongo services over 100,000 customers globally with a team spanning 3 continents. Bongo helps merchant partners transact international orders through a series of services that provide the merchant with guarantees against fraud, currency conversion, language translation, and international fulfillment. Bongo owns and operates 100% of their services enabling them to be the most flexible international solution in the marketplace. For more information, please visit https://bongous.com/checkout/index.php or contact our Sales Team at Sales(at)BongoUS(dot)com

About ChristmasPlace.com
Christmasplace.com is the online store for The Incredible Christmas Place. Whether in traditional, retro, classic, whimsical or contemporary designs, on our site you will find the perfect selections for tree, home, holiday and year-round decorating and entertaining that reflect your unique style. At The Incredible Christmas Place online store, we have everything you need for Christmas, from artificial Christmas trees and Christmas lights to personalized Christmas ornaments, nativities, jewelry and so much more…Enjoy shopping our online catalog for all your decorating, collecting, and gift-giving needs. Your satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed. If you do not find something you are looking for online, e-mail us at santa(at)christmasplace(dot)com or call toll free at 800-445-3396. We probably have what you're looking for in the store!