Faith no more

Eshakti.com offers a service that provides a custom fit on such features as necklines, sleeve types and waistbands.

Thad Rueter

Buying clothes online requires a certain amount of faith. A shopper’s measurements might match the size on an online chart, but until she tries on that dress or blouse at home, nothing is certain, including how easy it is to return an item. Women’s clothing e-retailer eShakti.com addresses those concerns with a customization service that seems retro in this age of virtual fitting room technology. A customer, guided by the site’s in-depth instructions, graphics and pull-down menus, sends the retailer her measurements for a custom fit before purchasing; the shopper also can customize such features as neckline, sleeve type and waistband. The service costs $7.50 per item, which is less than what most tailors would charge for alterations, and a small price to pay for certainty.


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