Lexity Introduces Thematic Advertising to ProStore

The Lexity system automatically builds, runs and optimizes ad campaigns across all media channels to achieve that merchant’s specific business goal.


SAN FRANCISCO (Nov. 2, 2011): Lexity, Inc., the marketing as-a-service pioneer that puts “advertising on autopilot,” today announced the wide availability of Thematic Advertising to e-commerce merchants on ProStores, an all-in-one hosted e-commerce solution from eBay. Lexity offers the industry’s only Ad Intent system, which enables e-commerce merchants of all sizes to indicate exactly what they want their advertising to accomplish. Subsequently, the Lexity system automatically builds, runs and optimizes ad campaigns across all media channels to achieve that merchant’s specific business goal.

“Lexity is taking a truly innovative approach to online advertising by focusing on each merchant’s specific intent – such as heightening awareness or encouraging repeat purchases – to create a tailored strategy to meet its unique goals,” said Lin Shearer, Group Manager, ProStores. “Lexity is a natural fit for ProStores’ customers, as it enables merchants to maximize their advertising investment and drive business growth, while completely automating the complex and time-consuming online advertising process."

ProStores merchants can select from the following Ad Intents based on their specific business objectives:

Awareness Intents – ProStores merchants looking to build brand awareness can select Themes to target this intent to advertise their store broadly across the right combination of search, display and social channels.

Interest Intents – To generate interest in specific products, ProStores merchants can use Themes for the Interest Intent to deliver the right ad through search, display and social channels.

Evaluation Intents – ProStores Merchants can use this intent to facilitate comparison shopping using Themes that submit shopping engine feeds.

Commitment Intents – To drive customers to complete their transaction, Themes focused on the Commitment Intent utilizes retargeting techniques to drive the prospect to purchase.

Lexity’s simple, step-by-step process allows ProStores merchants to select their specific Theme, create an ad and execute their campaign – all within about 10 minutes. From there, Lexity manages the entire online advertising process around the clock – automatically and continuously generating the right ad creative, media channel mix, audience targets and timing to optimize campaign performance. On average, merchants need only spend about 15 minutes per week managing their Lexity accounts.  

Lexity also takes the complexity out of tracking and reporting. ProStores merchants receive a comprehensive view of all ad campaign metrics, which measures precisely how each Theme is performing across the marketing funnel, from keyword entry to final sale. Armed with these metrics, merchants can evaluate and recalibrate their Themes as necessary.

Additionally, Lexity offers ProStores merchants a real-time view of customer activity through its Live View. Live View shows all the visitors that are interacting with the merchant’s store at that precise moment, including Conversion Paths® that tracks the paths customers take in navigating the store on their way to final conversion.

“Strategic online advertising campaigns play a critical role in building a successful and sustainable e-commerce business. However, many merchants today face the formidable challenge of both selecting and managing the best-performing channels to reach new consumers and generate revenue,” said Amit Kumar, CEO, Lexity. “Together with ProStores, Lexity empowers e-commerce merchants to fully automate their online advertising efforts, while helping them to increase ROI, expand their online business and stand out above the competition – all without breaking the bank.”

About Lexity

Lexity (previously known as Vurve) puts “advertising on autopilot” for small businesses, providing the most affordable, simple and effective way for e-commerce merchants to manage online advertising across multiple channels. Backed by Spark Capital, True Ventures and Dave McClure’s 500 Startups, Lexity is headquartered in Mountain View, in the heart of Silicon Valley, and has a presence in Bangalore, India. For more information, visit www.lexity.com.


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