Mobile payments from Bango increase GoSpoken.com eBook sales

One-click operator billing delivers the highest conversion rates


London, 14th September, 2011 – Bango, the leading mobile analytics and payment company, announces that it provides Mobcast, the digital book software platform, with operator billing for its mobile digital bookshop GoSpoken.com. This means book-loving customers worldwide have the option to quickly and easily pay for eBooks and place the charge on their phone bill. The Bango charge-to-bill technology even works when the device connects over Wi-Fi.

Mobcast developed GoSpoken.com after spotting the potential offered by the increasing numbers and capabilities of mobile phones. With thousands of bestseller titles available on the digital bookshop, customers are able to purchase eBooks and audio books from the extensive catalogue and download them across their phone, PC, tablet or eReader from as little as 50p / 50¢.

Bango enables GoSpoken.com customers to place a charge on their phone bill for purchases made directly from the mobile version of the digital bookshop. This click-to-pay consumer experience is seamless and secure, maximizing conversion rates for purchases from connected phones and tablets across multiple platforms and networks including Wi-Fi.

“By using Bango to deliver a consistent operator payment experience to all our customers we have seen a marked increase in sales. Conversion rates using operator billing are much higher than using other methods, and easier for our consumers”, said Stephen Crawford, Operations Director at Mobcast. “Over 50% of our customers read with their Android phone and an increasing number are using Wi-Fi for the faster connection speeds on offer – they can now buy the same way as everyone else. 75% of our customers choose operator billing through Bango, and no other billing solution lets our smartphone customers simply click-to-pay without additional registration.”

“Operator billing provides customers with the quickest and easiest way to pay for content and services from their mobile device. We see an average of 70% payment conversion through operator billing compared to 40% for credit card”, said Anil Malhotra, SVP Marketing at Bango. “The customer experience is crucial and with operator billing a simple single-click is all that’s required to make a purchase.”

Bango provides Mobcast with detailed payment reports to track their revenues and see conversion rates for all purchases. In addition, Bango delivers insightful information about their customers, including country, network, device type and status of billing transactions, enabling Mobcast to provide an optimized service to their customers.

Having anticipated the market for digital books to mobile devices years ago, Mobcast is now a successful platform for digital books on both sides of the Atlantic. As it continues to grow through product innovation, Bango supports Mobcast by providing its leading billing solution.

About Mobcast

Mobcast was founded in 2007 (as Spoken Entertainment) by CEO Tony Lynch and bestselling author Andy McNab. Having spotted the potential offered by the increasing numbers and capabilities of mobile phones, they developed GoSpoken.com, an online retail platform for digital books for these devices.

An early mover, Mobcast developed its own software platform to import digital book data and deliver it in the correct format to paying customers around the world via internet and mobile networks. The company also acted swiftly to establish content agreements, securing the entire eBook catalogues of all the major publishers, and many independents.

Mobcast’s notable achievements include powering cloud-based digital book platforms with retail capabilities and content for mobile network operators Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile whose collective customer base extends to around 70% of the UK population, and leading retailer WHSmith. In addition mobile phone manufacturers RIM and Nokia have enabled access to Mobcast’s branded digital books by pre-installing apps and content on new devices. Mobcast Services have been awarded “Best Mobile Book Company”, and recognized for its central role in the monetization of digital books at the annual Mobile Entertainment Awards.

About Bango

Bango provides the technology that enables commerce for businesses targeting the growing market of internet enabled mobile phone users. Bango’s products collect payment from mobile users for on-line content and services, and provide accurate analytics for mobile marketing campaigns and sites. 

Bango Payment delivers the best user experience to give more successful transactions and help businesses sell more mobile content – even from smartphones over Wi-Fi, such as a BlackBerry® smartphone and iPhone.  By uniquely identifying every mobile visitor as they browse websites and interact with mobile marketing campaigns, Bango Analytics provides precise real-time insight into customer behavior; and independently tracks the success of mobile advertising and search marketing, enabling businesses to determine which campaign delivered the highest ROI.

Bango is quoted on the London Stock Exchange (AIM: BGO).  Learn more at www.bango.com



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