Shotfarm Plug-in Allows Users To Download Image Files Using Any Naming Convention

Options including free text fields, serialization, and a complete downloadable spreadsheet of original and new file names are also available.


CHICAGO, IL — May 25, 2011 — Shotfarm announces the beta release of its newest plugin for the shotfarm Product Image Exchange Platform: the SuperNamer. Members of shotfarm’s free platform will now be able to download images from shotfarm’s image library using any file naming convention.

The SuperNamer addresses the inefficient task of manually identifying and renaming image files that come from multiple sources.

“Unfortunately, there is no ‘correct’ way to name a product image because every company has a slightly different ecommerce workflow and therefore a slightly different (and legitimate) file naming need,” says Mike Lapchick, founder of shotfarm and designer of the SuperNamer interface. “Bed, Bath & Beyond, for example, would love for all of its manufacturers to name their files by UPC, while other companies like Altrec combine an internal code with some product information such as swatch color and brand.” These varying needs make it nearly impossible for a manufacturer to provide exactly what each of its resellers needs without adding a significant amount of work to its process. The SuperNamer eliminates such redundancies by adhering to shotfarm’s philosophy of putting the workflow into users’ hands, allowing retailers to self-serve based on their own needs and parameters.

Once a user chooses their naming structure and which information to include in their file names, he or she can batch download thousands of files from multiple suppliers with a single click. Sophisticated options including free text fields, serialization, and a complete downloadable spreadsheet of original and new file names are also available.

Soon to follow is the SuperNamer’s sister product, the SuperSizer, which will allow users to create unlimited image sizing iterations for use in various areas of an ecommerce site such as the category page, shopping cart, and main product page. Both the SuperNamer and the SuperSizer will be available to shotfarm members for free for the next three months and then will join the collection of low-cost plug-ins offered in shotfarm’s plug-in store.

About Shotfarm

Shotfarm, LLC, is a privately-held Chicago-based company offering a free Product Image Exchange Platform for the retail marketing industry. For retailers, shotfarm offers a single place to search for and download product images and information. For manufacturers, shotfarm provides a centralized location from which to distribute product images and information to all retail partners. One system, one password, one workflow – and 100% Free. Visit http://www.shotfarm.com for more information.



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