QVC posts the fastest iPhone response time in April

QVC’s m-commerce site posted the best iPhone response time among large retailers last month.

Jon Love

QVC’s mobile site, m.QVC.com, produced the fastest iPhone access time among large web retailers in April, says Compuware Gomez. Last month, m.QVC.com produced an average iPhone mobile response time of 1.89 seconds.

M.Newegg.com came in second in iPhone testing with 2.27 seconds, followed by Dell.com (3.58 seconds), and Sears2go.com and Williams-Sonoma.com (tied at 3.64).

QVC’s mobile commerce site also led in response time tests for the three other mobile devices measured by Compuware Gomez last month: Sprint’s HTC Hero (at 2.02 seconds), T-Mobile’s HTC Dream (4.33 seconds) and Verizon’s Droid (1.82 seconds). Dell’s mobile site finished second in testing for the other three devices.

Compuware Gomez measured response time as the end-to-end time elapsed while downloading each mobile site.


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