Adding Google Checkout boosts a sporting goods retailer’s revenue

Roughly 7% of the Dazadi.com’s sales are paid with Google Checkout.

Zak Stambor

Sporting goods retailer Dazadi.com aims to differentiate itself from its competition by offering a large selection of products, helpful customer service and a hassle-free shopping experience, says Josh Klaristenfeld, vice president, technology.

Part of making sure the shopping experience meets consumers’ expectations is offering various payment options, such as Google Checkout.

Giving consumers the choice to pay however they desire is a “no-brainer,” he says.

“We strive to offer our customers the best and most options available,” he says.

The retailer turned to CardinalCommerce Corp., which allowed it offer Google Checkout and PayPal, in addition to Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, two cardholder authentication systems. The retailer also offers Checkout by Amazon.

Those options enable more shoppers to buy from Dazadi because some of the site’s shoppers are unwilling to use traditional payment methods such as credit cards, says Klaristenfeld.

“We’ve opened our doors to customers that would not have purchased from us before,” he says.

Dazadi’s customer base is not unique. In fact, a Javelin Strategy & Research report last year found that alternative payments, such as PayPal and Google Checkout, accounted for 17% of online payments, up from 16% in 2009. Javelin expects alternative payments to reach 20% of online transactions by 2015.

Offering consumers the ability to use alternative payments can also boost revenue, according to another Javelin report. The study found 38% of merchants say average order values for consumers using alternatives are higher than for consumers using major brand credit and debit cards.

For Dazadi, adding Google Checkout has had a clear benefit—increasing the site’s revenue. Google Checkout accounts for 7% of the site’s sales and sales have grown 5%.


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