Keynote Systems Launches Browser-Based Web Performance Monitoring

Keynote Transaction Perspective 10.0 now comes with Firefox built in.


SAN MATEO, CALIF., — NOVEMBER 8, 2010 —– Keynote Systems (NASDAQ: KEYN), the global leader in internet and mobile cloud monitoring, today announced the immediate release of Keynote Transaction Perspective® 10.0 for Web performance monitoring and Keynote Internet Test Environment (KITE) 4.0 for Web performance testing. Keynote was the first company to bring real browser monitoring to the industry and with the new versions announces support for the Firefox Web browser, the world’s second most popular browser. Companies will now get significantly* more visibility into how their Web sites are experienced by end users who use Firefox.

Transaction Perspective is the market leading on-demand service for monitoring, measuring and diagnosing Web site performance from the end user perspective using Keynote’s global test & measurement network, the world’s largest. And KITE is Keynote’s free downloadable tool for real time testing, diagnosing and troubleshooting of Web performance issues directly from the desktop. The two products are designed to work seamlessly with each other and together make it incredibly effective and easy for both Web/IT operations and development/QA teams to accurately monitor, measure and test Web site performance from the end user perspective.

“Keynote recognizes the increasing complexity of monitoring the Internet and mobile cloud across devices, locations and browsers and now brings our customers a seamless view into end-user performance from practically anywhere in the world, no matter the browser being used to connect to a Web site or even a mobile Web site,” said Vik Chaudhary, vice president of product management and corporate development at Keynote.

Keynote has built its market leading Web monitoring solution right on top of the world’s most popular browsers to provide unparalleled accuracy and insight into the true end-user experience. Keynote customers appreciate the precision and accuracy that can only come from real browser-based Web performance monitoring.

Product Features and Functionality

Transaction Perspective and KITE come with many features intended to help Web operations and development teams cope with a multi-browser world where performance of Web sites and applications varies depending on whether users are using IE or Firefox. These include:

·         Ability to view the exact same Web transaction run using Internet Explorer and Firefox, side-by-side, to compare performance instantly. Companies will be surprised to see how much performance varies depending on the browser used.

·         With ‘Page Snapshot’ users can takes a picture of the entire Web page, not just what is being viewed “above the fold.” This comes in handy when diagnosing page errors.

       Continued Global Leadership in Web Performance Monitoring

Keynote’s Web performance monitoring products show an enterprise company precisely how their online business performs at the application, transaction and infrastructure level in real time, from the end-user perspective. All of Keynote’s testing and monitoring products utilize the company’s global test and measurement network, which represents the widest geographic coverage of online users in the world. Enterprises also benefit from the integration of Keynote Web performance monitoring data with several leading application performance vendors (APM) to provide enterprises with a complete view into online application performance, from the end-user to the back-end infrastructure.

“While other site monitoring companies integrate with only one back-end IT monitoring solution, Keynote has partnered with best-of-breed application performance management (APM) vendors, including OPNET, dynaTrace and OpTier, to provide the all-important view across the application infrastructure,” said Vik Chaudhary.

IT and Web operations teams can test, measure and improve service levels in real time from more than 3,000 measurement computers and mobile devices in more than 240 locations and 160 metropolitan areas around the world. Keynote’s highly standardized infrastructure of dedicated systems and network connections ensures measurement fidelity and consistency and thus delivers repeatable, actionable results not available from systems that merely rent space or time on ever-changing shared systems.

Availability & Pricing

Transaction Perspective 10.0 and KITE 4.0 are available immediately. Transaction Perspective monitoring for a single page transaction from ten cities starts at less than $250 per month. KITE is available for free download.


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