OmniResponse Opens New Sales Office

The wholly owned consumer products enterprise of OmniReliant Holdings, Inc. opens the office in Bentonville, AR.


CLEARWATER, FL., September 2, 2010 — OmniReliant Holdings, Inc. announces that OmniResponse, Inc., the wholly owned consumer products enterprise of OmniReliant Holdings, Inc., announces the opening of its new Sales Office located in Bentonville, Arkansas.  The new location will be the launching pad to expand OmniResponse’s Retail Sales presence led by Travis Berger, vice president of sales, who has lived in the area for ten years.

Timing and speed into the retail market is critical for each product.  Mr. Berger explained that it is important to have a strategic plan of action when selecting a retailer to vend a product, when and how the launch will be executed, and a means to sustain product interest. Since the largest and most popular retailers may not always be the one to initially launch a product, the success of moving a product into retail can be highly contingent on the retail network already being in place.

Mr. Berger said, “If a successful Direct Response product is in high demand, consumers are excited when it hits store shelves. If you launch a Direct Response product too early and consumer interest hasn’t reached a pivotal level, retailers may pull the product from shelves if it does not reach a certain selling benchmark.  If a product comes into the retail market too late, a competitor product may beat you to the retail race.  However, when a product comes into the retail space at just the right time it will be opened up to various marketing promotions, kiosks, pallet displays, etc., all of which have the potential to generate sales.”

Robert J. DeCecco, CEO of OmniReliant Holdings, Inc., said, “The opening of our Retail Sales Division in Bentonville, Arkansas is more than just a strong statement to our commitment to driving retail sales growth in 2011 and beyond.  It's also the hometown of our new VP of Retail Sales, Travis Berger who was formerly engaged as a consultant with Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. as a Category Strategic Advisor for Direct-to-Consumer products and brands.  While our corporate offices are located at our 34,000 square foot television and production studio (www.omnicommstudios.com), we believe Bentonville is the perfect location to expand the growth of our Retail Sales channel due to the professional connections Travis has cultivated with many large retailers."

About OmniReliant Holdings

OmniReliant Holdings is a holding Company that has company subsidiaries that utilizes DRTV, live shopping and internet to build brands. The Company, through its subsidiaries, engages in the creation, design, distribution, and sale of affordable products available to U.S. and international consumers. The Company successfully markets its products through various direct response formats, live shopping networks, ecommerce, direct mail, and traditional retail channels.

The corporate offices of OmniReliant are located 14375 Meyerlake Circle Clearwater, Florida  33760. OmniReliant questions may be addressed to Robert J. DeCecco, CEO, at 727-230-1031. For further information visit http://www.omnireliant.com.


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