Catalogue retailer Freemans selects Webloyalty to support its online revenue strategy

- Partnership will drive repeat business to three websites operated by Freemans -


LONDON, UK, 21 July 2010 – Webloyalty, a leading provider of incremental revenue for online businesses, today announced its further expansion into the online retail sector by winning business to work with Freemans, one of the UK’s longest-standing and most successful catalogue companies.  Freemans was established in 1905 and acquired by the International Otto Group in 1999.

Webloyalty will help the retailer to increase revenue by driving repeat business to its online catalogue stores freemans.co, grattan.co.uk and lookagain.co.uk.Webloyalty provides solutions for online retail and travel businesses in the US, UK, France and Germany, to leverage their existing online sales models to generate additional revenue through offering valuable membership programmes such as Shopper Discounts & Rewards to their customers*.

Martin Child, Managing Director Europe, Webloyalty, said: “With the e-tail market becoming more mature and shoppers more savvy, there is a demand for more sophisticated revenue strategies. Webloyalty’s model will help retailers like Freemans create a secondary revenue stream from their web pages with minimal effort required by them to implement the programme plus their customers will have the opportunity to save hundreds of pounds a year.”

Customers making purchases on Freemans’ online catalogue stores, will have the option to join Shopper Discounts & Rewards, Webloyalty’s membership programme designed for regular online shoppers, that offers cash back and year round discounts of up to 20 percent at over 900 top online retailers.

A spokesperson for Freemans, commented: “We were looking to monetise our confirmation page, but the benefit of partnering with Webloyalty means that as well as this, we can also offer our cost-conscious customers extra value.  They can now join a programme that offers them cash back opportunities by shopping with us, as well as ongoing discounts across their wider internet purchases.”

The announcement comes at a time when monetisation of websites is more important than ever for the success of the e-tail sector. Findings from Verdict Research state that online retailers will have to work much harder just to stand still in 2010 and beyond. In terms of online spending, Verdict predicts an annual growth of just 11% from 2010 onwards compared to almost 30% pre-2009.

Neil Saunders, Consulting Director at Verdict Research commented: “Freemans has exactly the right strategy for the current climate, with the growth of new customers levelling off it becomes increasingly important for retailers to adopt marketing strategies which focus on adding value to the customer. Growing loyalty and increasing repeat visits is now the priority over acquiring new customers.”