Retailers are finding ways to reach shoppers via social marketing

Bob Pearson, chief technology and media officer for WeissCom Group, will talk at the Internet Retailer Conference about how retailers can broadcast marketing messages via social networks to drive traffic to retail sites.

Internet Retailer


Online retailers who want to succeed in the age of social networking need to figure out ways to share marketing messages and web site content through a variety of means, including Yahoo Answers and the photo-sharing site Flickr, says Bob Pearson, chief technology and media officer for WeissCom Group, a web development and marketing firm.

Pearson will talk about how companies can boost their brand profiles and gain sales in a session entitled Closing the loop-How going social leads to sales.

“We are undergoing a fundamental revolution in commerce that is transforming the way customers interact with companies large and small,” he says. “We are witnessing the birth of pre-commerce. If e-commerce was about the transaction, then pre-commerce is about the decision, a decision made by customers with the help of their peers far away from any retail store or company conference room.”

Steps retailers can take to help guide those decisions include sharing a site’s frequently asked questions to such sites as Yahoo Answers or Mahalo.com, and finding ways to distribute site content via YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and other influential services.

“Enable customers to let you know how they want to be reached and start to wean yourself off the e-mail train,” he says. “Do special deals on social media sites. For example, offer discounts that are available only on Twitter.”

Why the editors asked Bob Pearson to speak:
Bob Pearson is an expert in social media, marketing and communications. He brings a retailer’s perspective to social initiatives, as he was vice president of communities and conversations at Dell Inc., responsible for developing the use of social media, before he took his current position.

Full details about the conference and registration information are available at IRCE2010.com.


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