Pyramyd Air accepts eBillme

Katie Evans

Warrensville Heights, OH, October 20, 2009-Pyramyd Air, the world`s largest mail-order airgun retailer, now accepts eBillme as a payment option.

To offer customers the convenience of paying cash for their purchases, Pyramyd Air has added eBillme, which lets customers pay through their bank account. This offers a secure, convenient cash option with no charge to the customer. To pay through eBillme, customers will checkmark that payment option during the checkout process. After the checkout process is completed, eBillme sends a bill for the full amount to the customer, who pays it online through his bank. Neither eBillme nor Pyramyd Air has access to the customer`s banking information. In addition to secure payments, eBillme provides a buyer protection plan. It includes no-hassle returns, fraud protection and price protection, which ensures customers get the best possible price by refunding the difference if the same item is found at a lower price.

To promote this new service, eBillme is offering Pyramyd Air customers a $25 rebate on purchases of $100 and over when they sign up to use eBillme. This offer is valid from October 9, 2009, to November 9, 2009, and is valid only for the first use of eBillme. The link to the rebate form is located on Pyramyd Air`s website.

Pyramyd Air customers using eBillme are assured of receiving the same personalized after-sale customer service with eBillme as with any other payment option. Whether customers make purchases through Pyramyd Air`s website, fax or mail orders, or place orders through the call center, eBillme is available as a payment option.

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