FiftyOne Global Ecommerce Improves Order Conversion, Expands Reach for U.S. Retailers Selling Internationally

Katie Evans

New York, NY -August 31, 2009- FiftyOne (www.fiftyone.com), the leading provider of end-to-end international ecommerce services to U.S. retailers, announced major upgrades to its global e-commerce platform today including an initial expansion into Asia-Pacific markets, a new multi-lingual and single page international checkout design optimized for conversion, and the launch of sophisticated merchandising tools that allow retailers to dynamically adjust prices in different markets.

FiftyOne is a ground-breaking set of international ecommerce technologies and services that allow U.S. merchants and their international customers to transact effortlessly, providing services that span automated multi-currency merchandising, international payment processing, landed cost calculation, logistics and customs clearance facilitation, and international returns management. FiftyOne enables the dynamic presentation of any U.S. ecommerce site as an international ecommerce site, using IP geolocation and managed foreign exchange services, and localizes an entire order life cycle so that international consumers can transact with confidence.

Asia-Pacific Expansion

With its Asia-Pacific expansion, FiftyOne now makes it possible for FiftyOne-enabled U.S. retailers to additionally merchandise, sell, service and market to online shoppers in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Thailand.

“FiftyOne-enabled U.S. retailers now have access to some 700 million consumers in 39 countries,” says Kris Green, FiftyOne’s Chief Marketing Officer. “This initial expansion into Asia-Pacific sets the stage for a larger rollout of 59 more countries planned for later this year.”

New Checkout Design and Landed Cost Preconditioning

FiftyOne also introduced a single-page international checkout design complete with image thumbnails, guaranteed landed costs, support for advanced attribute and inventory messages, and a buyer-facing ability to see all checkout language and order-related correspondence in French, German or Spanish.

From a merchandising perspective, FiftyOne now offers a feature called “landed cost preconditioning” which gives retailers the ability to shift portions of international shipping, duty and/or VAT into country-specific product prices, to reduce landed cost “sticker shock” and increase conversion.

“The new checkout design and landed cost preconditioning capability each demonstrate our core focus on enabling our customers to increase the international opportunity they are able to monetize,” explains Green.

FiftyOne-enabled retailers, who were early adopters of the new checkout and dynamic merchandising capability, are already seeing up to a 10% increase in orders from the optimized single-page checkout and up to a 20% increase from the shift of landed cost elements into product prices.

FiftyOne Extends Global Reach for U.S. Retailers

“FiftyOne eliminates the need for retailers to invest in new international websites, call centers or infrastructure,” explains Green, “All international demand is fulfilled to an address in the U.S., with FiftyOne providing customer parity across an entire order life cycle. The effect is that of snapping a ‘global lens’ onto a retailer’s existing U.S. ecommerce website to ensure a single, universally branded shopping experience-virtually anywhere around the world.”

Current FiftyOne retailers include Anne Geddes, Anthropologie, Brookstone, Buckle, CHEFS Catalog, drugstore.com, Overstock.com, Shoes.com, SureSource, and many others.

About FiftyOne

FiftyOne Global Ecommerce empowers leading U.S. retailers to utilize their existing ecommerce infrastructure and online shopping experience to market, sell, and fulfill merchandise to international shoppers with cost certainty. FiftyOne manages all aspects of the international order life cycle, from multi-currency merchandising and payments to global logistics, local delivery, and customer service. FiftyOne is powering international ecommerce for Anne Geddes, Anthropologie, Brookstone, Buckle, CHEFS Catalog, drugstore.com, Overstock.com, Shoes.com, SureSource and many others. The company is headquartered in New York City. For more information, visit www.fiftyone.com.


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