At eBags.com, video and social marketing go hand in glove

The most viewed videos on eBags.com are both entertainment and information-oriented. The single most popular one features college students explaining what they fit into their handbags and backpacks, marketing chief Peter Cobb says.

Paul Demery

Internet retailers can create a bigger return on their investment in online video if it’s tightly integrated with a search marketing strategy, says Peter Cobb, senior vice president of marketing at eBags.com.

At eBags.com, about 1,700 unique visitors view videos each day and the retailer distributes its videos liberally across a wide variety of marketing channels, including e-mail campaigns, affiliate programs and on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Videos from eBags.com posted on YouTube since last fall have been watched by almost 19,000 unique visitors.

The videos posted on eBags.com are specific and focused on new products, Cobb told attendees last month at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition in Boston. “It’s very important to be focused,” he said.

On YouTube the videos rated as most relevant, each with 4 to 4.5 stars, are videos that give viewers a detailed look at a specific product such as a universal adapter kit that’s compatible with the different outlet configurations of more than 150 countries. The most viewed videos are entertainment and information-oriented. The top-ranked eBags video, which has been posted for a year and viewed by more than 800 visitors, is a seven-minute segment that features a host asking college students the array of gear and personal effects they carry in their purse or backpack.

By integrating video tightly with a social marketing strategy, eBags.com has achieved a broader and more successful program, said Cobb. Since launching a video center in July 2008, the vide center on eBags.com has attracted about 114,000 unique visitors, Cobb told attendees.


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