PetEdge seeks an edge with the latest version of Fry’s e-commerce platform

The wholesale supplier to kennels, pet retailers and groomers is upgrading to the latest version of Fry Inc.’s web technology. The system makes it easy to add quick view windows and for administrators to preview site promotions before they go live.

Katie Evans

PetEdge Inc. is upgrading its e-commerce sites to the latest version of Fry Inc.’s platform, making it easier for customers to quickly see products and for administrators to preview what future promotions will look like.

The retailer, a wholesale supplier to kennels, pet retailers and dog groomers, plans to upgrade its sites-PetEdge.com and PetEdgeDealerServices.com-to Fry’s recently released Open Commerce Platform 3.0 this summer.

"We originally selected Fry`s OCP for its state-of-the-art technology and multi-site capabilities," says Mark Pepin, e-commerce director for PetEdge. "The platform has enabled PetEdge to offer our customers a richer and more relevant on-site experience than our previous e-commerce site. We are excited to take advantage of the ongoing improvements Fry has made to the platform in terms of usability and merchandising. The improvements are well aligned with our strategies to offer a more compelling, targeted and intelligent online experience."

The new version of the Fry platform makes it easy to add quick-view pop-up windows that provide a synopsis of product information without the user leaving the page. Instead of clicking on a product on a category page, going to the product page, clicking back to the category page and repeating the process, the shopper can preview many products without leaving the category page.

“They can quickly peruse 15 products,” says David Fry, president of Fry. “If they look at five product pages, your analytics may only show five page views, but you’ve exposed them to a wider range of products.”

The upgraded PetEdge sites will have improved navigation bars that provide drop-down subcategory choices for each category. The new Fry technology is also designed to create URLs for each site page that are easy for humans to understand, and for search engines to index. Instead of a long string of numbers and characters, a page might have a URL that includes such comprehensible text as furniture/cat furniture/scratching posts. “That makes a web site easier to crawl and helps products get higher rankings in Google search results,” Fry says.

Another feature will allow site administrators to preview what the web site will look like when planned promotions are implemented.

Fry says online shoppers are demanding more complex and interactive features because they’ve become accustomed to them on other web sites they visit, like the Facebook social network. “We’ve launched web sites in the past with those types of cool features, but they’re hard to build, time-consuming and expensive,” he says. “We’ve tried to build into OCP 3.0 tools that make it possible to generate those web sites in a predictable, economical fashion.”


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