Inertia Beverage Group Unveils Enhanced Direct-To-Trade Wine Distribution Platform

Katie Evans

- Robust Searching and Single Destination Ordering Gives Retailers/Restaurants Access to Boutique and Limited Production Wine -

(Napa, CALIF)-April 6, 2009 Inertia Beverage Group announced today the release of a new Beta version of its Direct-To-Trade wine distribution platform (www.winerevolution.com), giving wine retailers and restaurateur’s access to a selection of boutique, artisan and limited-production wines not widely available through traditional distribution channels. The Beta site, showcasing 60 brands and more than 300 products, allows participating suppliers the ability to reach buyers in up to 12 states, representing more than 50% of the American marketplace. Additional states are set to open later in 2009.

Completely state-by-state compliant, Inertia’s Direct-to-Trade platform was developed to supplement the traditional producer-to-wholesaler-to-trade distribution system. Their patent-pending process for enabling direct purchases ensures that all transactions occur in line with state licensing and shipment requirements.

- Innovative Wine Distribution Site

Gives Wine Trade 
Access to Limited Production Wines - By providing a complementary channel through which suppliers may market their products to the trade, Inertia gives trade buyers access to wines not currently in their market, and both buyers and sellers the ability to build direct relationships. Participating wine producers will gain more control over the pricing and marketing of their brand in identified markets, and the opportunity to connect with retailers and restaurants previously unreachable via the traditional 3-tier system. One of the greatest barriers for many wine brands is the ability to access desired markets. WineREvolution.com aims to help those brands find access across the U.S., and to their desired audiences.

“Our Wine Revolution program intends to bring innovation in U.S. wine distribution, as a complement to the existing three-tier system. By giving producers and buyers a new, direct outlet for addressing a marketplace that is demanding access to the huge number of new, limited production wines, we aim to assist brands which have had difficulty finding their way to market via traditional means,” said Ted Jansen, President & CEO of Inertia.

Wine Retailers and restaurateurs can use the new site’s extensive filtering and searching capabilities to sift through a vast amount of details on each wine. Currently trade purchasers can find and select the wines they want and make a single call for ordering from as little as 6 bottles to more than a pallet of their selections. The full release of the Wine Revolution site - set to launch this summer - will allow trade buyers to initiate and order multiple brands entirely online.

“We believe that our ‘Direct-To-Trade’ program will be a critical component in the future of wine distribution, particularly for the small, under represented and quality-oriented brands that retailers and restaurants are seeking out,” said Jansen. “The program also allows wine wholesalers and brokers the opportunity to expand their portfolio, by providing access to a ‘virtual book’ of select winery partners utilizing the Inertia system”.

Inertia provides solutions for the creation and expansion of online wine marketplaces. Leveraging their proprietary, web-based technologies, Inertia gives wineries, retailers and wholesalers the tools necessary to efficiently distribute their products within the expanding direct-to-consumer and direct-to-trade wine markets. Through its REthink EngineTM platform, its free regulatory compliance tool, and Marketplace Services programs, Inertia provides its over 500 wine brands access to new marketplaces where supply and demand are united. For more information, visit www.inertiabev.com.


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