DHL Global Mail expands industry-leading Customer Web Portal to include international shipping services

Katie Evans

Robust tool now provides access to international tracking, reporting and invoice information

Weston, Florida-February 3, 2009-Already a robust reporting tool for domestic mail programs, DHL Global Mail’s Customer Web Portal is expanding to help businesses better manage their international mailings. Customers have long accessed the portal for information about their domestic shipments, including tracking data, invoices and custom performance reports. Now the portal’s functionality has been extended to make these same capabilities available for international mail programs as well.

This groundbreaking expansion is yet another example of how DHL Global Mail provides unmatched solutions for high-volume mailers, as the Customer Web Portal now offers more information than any tool of its kind in the expedited mail industry. This distinction underscores the fact that all cross-border mail providers are not equal.

"DHL Global Mail is proud to be the only mail expediter that offers businesses this level of information on their international mailings with just the click of a mouse," said Dave Kelly, Vice President of Information Technology for DHL Global Mail – Americas. "Our Customer Web Portal has proven to be an invaluable management tool for our customers, and we will continue to build on its impressive capabilities."

Traditionally, businesses sending cross-border mail have had to settle for much less shipment visibility than domestic mailers enjoy. The expansion of DHL Global Mail’s Customer Web Portal closes that transparency gap considerably, with tracking of key events in the supply chain for international business mail, parcels and publications. For parcel shipments, customers can use the portal to access DHL Global Mail’s Track Asia, Track Latin America and Track Canada services.

The portal also enables customers to generate reports on shipment volumes and weights, sorted by each different DHL Global Mail product used and viewable in a variety of ways. Depending on their data needs, customers can have shipment information presented for a single day or week, or sorted by factors such as Bill of Lading (BOL) number, destination, zone and-for publications-title.

Besides providing custom reports on both domestic and international mail programs, the portal allows customers to view itemized invoices-current or historic, up to 90 days-and detailed BOL information. Customers can even use the tool to schedule pick ups and order supplies. With all these capabilities, the newly expanded portal will help customers better manage their international shipping programs and contribute to the growing cross-border mail market. Additionally, the portal offers another kind of convenience: It makes selecting a cross-border mailing partner easier, since only DHL Global Mail has such a robust tool.

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