Hallelujah Acres Goes Live on ProfitCenter Software’s Multi-Channel Commerce Solution

Katie Evans

PCS Announces Latest Customer “Go Live”

Uniondale, NY, January 22, 2009 - ProfitCenter Software Inc. (PCS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Systemax Inc. (NYSE: SYX), and a provider of web-based, on demand software for multi-channel commerce and direct marketing merchants, announced today that Hallelujah Acres is now “live” for all sales channels: eCommerce, Catalog, Retail Stores, Managed Account Sales and Wholesale, as well as across all areas of its business.

Before using ProfitCenter, Hallelujah Acres managed its business with a variety of systems, some of them manual. With the implementation of ProfitCenter Software, every department is in sync with each other by using one single integrated solution and database. Customers can easily shop and get the same product information on the eCommerce portion of the website https://shopping.hacres.com, as when they telephone the call center and when they shop in the retail store.

"As a retailer with multiple sales channels, we needed a solution that could manage our company`s marketing efforts and data across each of them," stated Christopher Young, Director of Information Technology at Hallelujah Acres. “We chose ProfitCenter because we wanted a complete multi-channel commerce management solution, and ProfitCenter Software offered the whole package from marketing, merchandising, order management and fulfillment through accounting.”

By going live on PCS, Hallelujah Acres is already experiencing business benefits, such as:

“With PCS, we can identify product sales trends and take appropriate steps that ultimately benefit both our customers and our bottom line,” said Young. “We have real-time information to make proactive decisions, so our staff is not spending days trying to analyze customer and sales data that had to be merged from multiple systems. In minutes, we can stay on top of what’s happening right now, today, at our company.”

“Hallelujah Acres is one of the many multi-channel retailers that needed a completely integrated solution and we are pleased to see that they are growing with us and using ProfitCenter Software to benefit their business,” said John Marrah, President and CEO of ProfitCenter Software Inc. “We look forward to the future with them as we continue to extend our functionality and expand our businesses together.”

About ProfitCenter Software Inc.
ProfitCenter Software Inc. (PCS) (www.profitcenter.com) based in Uniondale, NY, is a developer of on-demand automation software for multi-channel commerce merchants and direct marketers. Through sales, order management, fulfillment, and accounting functionality, PCS empowers companies with the ability to automate and manage their entire customer life cycle and run their business via a web-based application. PCS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Systemax, Inc. (NYSE: SYX) (www.systemax.com), a Fortune 1000 direct marketing company, which employs a system of branded e-commerce web sites, direct mail catalogs and relationship marketers to sell PC hardware, related computer products, consumer electronic products and industrial products in North America and Europe.

About Hallelujah Acres Inc.
Hallelujah Acres Inc. (HA) (www.hacres.com; https://shopping.hacres.com) based in Shelby, NC, has been a leader of providing education, products, services, and other resources to help people everywhere understand and attain ultimate health for over 15 years. The mission of Hallelujah Acres® is to help people experience vibrant health by empowering the self-healing body. With the expertise, experience and programs in health and nutrition, customers are sure to find what they need. HA strives to give customers 100% satisfaction on all things customers are seeking with health education. For more information on Hallelujah Acres, visit www.hacres.com and https://shopping.hacres.com.

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