Rubylane.com Lower Maintenance Fees Benefit Sellers & Buyers

Katie Evans

San Francisco, March 31, 2008: To help celebrate its ten year anniversary, rubylane.com will roll out its lower maintenance fee structure tomorrow.

“We are pleased to announce an updated version of our current pricing system,” says Tom Johnson, Founder and President/CEO of rubylane.com. “We wanted to help our shop owners with a new lower maintenance fee. This new program includes a tiered structure that makes it even more affordable for our more than 1,800 shop owners to add and maintain items, so they can grow their business. The benefit to shop owners is simple – lower costs. And Ruby Lane shoppers receive a larger inventory to choose from.”

Here`s how it will work - beginning April 1, 2008, the Maintenance Fee for:

-Up to 50 items in your shop: $15 per month (this is the minimum
maintenance fee) No Change
-50 to 150 items in your shop: 30 cents per item (No Change)
-151 items or more: 20 cents per item: (New)

As an example, under the old maintenance fee structure a shop that lists 300 items would be charged $90 (300 items at 30 cents = $90 monthly Maintenance Fee). Under the new structure a shop that lists 150 items at 30 cents + 150 items at the new lower fee of 20 cents would have a $75 monthly Maintenance Fee.

“Research conducted by both Ruby Lane and many other e-commerce sites clearly show that the more items shops offer for sale, the greater sales success,” says Johnson. The reason for this is because buyers want to see a sizeable, varied selection when shopping, and they want it to be updated with new items regularly. It is for these same reasons that search engines are designed to favor shops and sites that add items regularly. “We often relate it to the real world – walking into a store with just a handful of items is not very enticing and will most likely lead to a speedy exit – the same is true online. Of course we realize it can be expensive to continually add items,” says Johnson. “This new system is designed to help. We have lowered fees to make it no more expensive for any shop than that of the current system and added a new discount level that actually decreases the overall cost to many shops and provide buyers with a larger inventory.”

This year marks an important milestone for Ruby Lane as it celebrates 10 years of helping buyers and sellers of antiques and art, vintage collectibles, and jewelry connect online. The new lower maintenance fee structure is just one of the many benefits that sellers and buyers glean from Ruby Lane.

Learn more about the world’s premier online shopping destination for antiques and art, vintage collectibles, and jewelry by visiting rubylane.com.

About Ruby Lane
Founder Tom Johnson combined his passion for collecting with enterprise technological know-how to create Ruby Lane, the world`s premier online shopping destination for antiques and art, vintage collectibles, and jewelry. Named after his mother Ruby, and bringing together more than 1,800 individually-owned shops offering unique items from around the world, Ruby Lane offers more than 300,000 items in inventory ranging from antique furniture to depression glass, fine porcelain, vintage and hand crafted jewelry, heirloom linens, books, postcards, paintings, silver, hand-blown glass, pottery, and more. Ruby Lane goes beyond a typical e-commerce website and offers a user-friendly shopping experience, similar to actually strolling within a romantic European shopping district in an exclusive neighborhood of an old-world city. This year marks Ruby Lane`s 10 year anniversary. For more information please visit www.rubylane.com and/or http://blog.rubylane.com.


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