Top Direct Retailer, FootSmart, Switches Web Site Monitoring Service to AlertSite

Don Davis

COCONUT CREEK, FL, November 6, 2007 – AlertSite®, a leading provider of web site performance management solutions that help businesses ensure optimum web experiences for their customers, announced today that FootSmart has chosen AlertSite for its web site monitoring service. FootSmart is the largest direct retailer of foot and lower body healthcare products in the United States.

“We had been using another leading web monitoring company and made the decision to switch to AlertSite because of it’s growing reputation in the industry. That was a great decision,” said Adam Roe, Senior Manager, Application Development for FootSmart. “AlertSite not only gives us the best value and exemplary customer service, but its innovative transaction technology DéjàClickTM will revolutionize the industry.”

AlertSite’s Business Transaction Monitor with DéjàClick is the first inside-the-browser transaction record and playback system that employs TrueUserTM browser content capture to monitor web application performance. It provides a true-to-life web experience that observes the web page content from the perspective of the desktop user. In addition, DéjàClick saves time and money by automating the scripting process used to monitor web transactions.

“We are hearing from many of our clients who have switched to AlertSite that our competitors’ transaction monitoring systems were expensive, slow and difficult to work with,” said Ken Gross, president and CEO of AlertSite. “It is no accident that these leading direct retailers have selected AlertSite and consider DéjàClick the best monitoring platform in the industry.”

FootSmart (www.footsmart.com) through its online and mail-order catalog sells over 1,000 comfort, health and pain-relieving products designed to effectively improve your quality of life. A division of Benchmark Brands, Inc., FootSmart has been working to soothe or solve your lower body health related problems and discomforts since first opening its doors in 1989.

AlertSite ensures its customers` web-based services are operational and secure, and its range of hosted Internet services benefits all types and sizes of businesses and organizations. www.alertsite.com.


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