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NORWALK, CT, June 13, 2007 - Webloyalty.com, a leading provider of online marketing services, today announced its expansion into Europe with the signing of its first UK client, Interflora.co.uk, part of FTD Group, Inc., a world leader in flower and gift delivery. The company will support Interflora.co.uk and other clients from its new central London office.

"Partnering with Webloyalty has greatly benefited our Internet business in the UK," said Michael Barringer, marketing director, Interflora UK. "A high proportion of our customers take advantage of the Shopper Discounts and Rewards offer, and then return to our site for a repeat purchase. Webloyalty has found a compelling model: giving regular online shoppers great value and a new way to earn online cash rebates and providing online retailers with a very welcome source of new revenue. We believe it could be a big hit in the UK."

Customers shopping online with Interflora have the option to join Webloyalty`s Shopper Discounts and Rewards, a membership reward program that offers online coupons and cash back discounts of up to 40 percent off Web site purchases. Reward program members receive discounts from UK retailers such as Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, Asda, Tesco, PC World, Lastminute.com and other popular e-tail sites. New program members also receive a GBP10 cash back voucher towards their next purchase with Interflora.co.uk.

Interflora.co.uk and other clients benefit from Webloyalty providing the potential to increase their e-business revenue. Clients can also benefit from increased site visits as members return to the retailers` sites to use their cash-back voucher. Additionally, the value offered by Shopper Discounts and Rewards has the potential to enhance the relationship between online retailers and their customers by building positive brand associations. Webloyalty`s highly successful membership-based model for online shopper savings, discounts and insurance benefits brings something new to the fast-growing UK e-commerce market.

New Business Model, New Revenue Opportunities
A research report compiled by Verdict Research, the leading authority on the UK and European retail markets, states that in 2007 UK e-tail sites have the potential to generate an additional GBP130 million per year, growing to an estimated GBP818 million by 2011, through the introduction of a post-transactional revenue model such as the one offered by Webloyalty.

"With Webloyalty`s UK launch, we`re bringing something new and genuinely valuable to the online high street," said Martin Child, managing director, Europe, Webloyalty. "Our model will help retailers like Interflora create a secondary revenue stream from their Web sites without having to host or market the platform. At the same time, consumers benefit from significant discounts and rewards. Our Shopper Discounts and Rewards product has been well received, and we’re confident about our growth prospects in the European market."

Child, a former vice president of sales and marketing at Yahoo!, brings more than 20 years of e-business experience to Webloyalty. The company`s European marketing director, Gill Hynes, also has extensive experience in the UK customer loyalty and relationship marketing industry, having served as marketing manager of Air Miles and head of digital at Carlson Marketing.

About Webloyalty
Webloyalty.com (http://www.webloyalty.com), a leading provider of technology-based, online marketing services, supplies approximately two million subscribers with discount, protection and online rewards programs, including Reservation Rewards and Shopper Discounts and Rewards. Members benefit from high value subscription services that match their needs and interests. Webloyalty clients – over 140 e-commerce, e-travel and e-subscription businesses – benefit from increased revenue and repeat purchases.

Additional information about Webloyalty, and their reward programs, is available at www.webloyalty.com. For customer service requests or inquires, please contact 1-800-732-7031 or customerservice@webloyalty.com.

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