JDA Software and Supplemental Software Solutions Announce New Retail Business Intelligence Kits

Kurt Peters

BI Kits Add Value for JDA Customers by Driving Improved Operational Performance

Scottsdale, Ariz. – April 3, 2007 – JDA® Software Group Inc. (Nasdaq: JDAS) and Supplemental Software Solutions today announced the release of Supplemental’s Business Intelligence Kits (BI Kits) for use with JDA Software’s Advanced Store Replenishment by E3® (ASR) and Advanced Warehouse Replenishment by E3® (AWR) supply chain solutions.

For retailers and wholesale distributors using JDA’s ASR or AWR applications, Supplemental’s new BI Kits are easily installed, cost-effective tools that provide enhanced analysis and reporting capabilities. By continuously tracking and analyzing key business performance data, BI Kits enable users to run on-demand reports to identify and resolve performance issues as they occur. Report formats and content are easily modified to meet each individual user’s needs. BI Kits’ performance tracking improves benchmarking precision over time, so that operating standards, such as safety stock levels for each item, can be continually optimized. The result is improved performance and profitability through reduced out-of stocks, improved forecast accuracy, and optimized inventory levels.

“Over 700 customers around the world have successfully implemented JDA’s ASR and AWR solutions,” said Chris Koziol, JDA’s chief operating officer. “Through our important strategic alliance with Supplemental, we’re helping these customers take their business intelligence to the next level. The enhanced functionality provided by Supplemental’s BI Kits, combined with their affordability and seamless integration, adds real value to JDA customers,” added Koziol.

Supplemental’s new BI Kits enable current ASR and AWR users to quickly achieve improved reporting and analytics. Installation is a fast, easy process, as the BI Kits were developed specifically using ASR and AWR key performance metrics. Customized report formats can be set up in days without incremental staffing.

Most importantly, customers have the opportunity to achieve a high return-on-investment through operational improvements executed based on the insights and opportunities identified through Supplemental’s BI Kits, including:
• Optimized inventory levels – overstock and shortage reporting helps users better understand and correct stock imbalances at store-level or in distribution centers
• Minimized lost sales – BI Kits’ visualization capability enables customers to identify issues and take corrective action before lost sales occur

“Supplemental is focused on developing cost-effective business intelligence applications that help JDA customers leverage their existing ASR or AWR system to drive improved operational performance,” said Bruce Wieland, president of Supplemental. “Our Authorized Application Developer Program Participation Agreement (AADP) with JDA creates an end-to-end alliance from development to post-installation support and consulting. ASR and AWR customers who add the BI Kits can be assured both companies are fully committed to our customers’ success.”

About Supplemental Software Solutions
Based in Greensboro, North Carolina, Supplemental Software Solutions is the first Authorized Application Developer for JDA Software. Leveraging its background in application development, data mining, and supply chain optimization, Supplemental develops cost-effective business intelligence tools that enhance the analytic and reporting performance of existing JDA Solutions. For more information, contact Supplemental at (336) 510-7325 or by email info@supplementalsoftwaresolutions.com.

About JDA Software Group, Inc.
JDA® Software Group, Inc. (Nasdaq:JDAS) is the enduring demand and supply chain partner to the world’s leading retailers, manufacturers and suppliers, helping more than 5,500 customers in more than 60 countries realize real demand chain results. JDA has solidified a unique marketplace position, in that only JDA can offer a complete vertically-focused solution with the depth and breadth of capabilities necessary to enable the Customer-Driven Value Chain. JDA software solutions enable high-performance business process optimization and execution to achieve a connected view of the customer from raw materials flowing into production to end-consumer products at the shelf. With offices in major cities around the world, JDA employs the industry’s most experienced supply and demand chain experts to develop, deliver and support its solutions. For more information, visit www.jda.com, email info@jda.com or call 1-800-479-7382.

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