Bronto’s Email Marketing Solution Delivers Time and Cost Savings for Hancock’s of Paducah

Paul Demery

Bronto’s proactive customer service approach allows Hancock’s to focus efforts on email marketing best practices

Durham, NC – March 27, 2007 – Bronto Software, Inc. today announced that Hancock’s of Paducah, one of the largest and oldest online fabric retailers, recently selected Bronto`s email marketing solution to manage and grow its large email marketing program.

Until recently, Hancock’s of Paducah relied on internal email system that captured customer information from a database of previous orders. Like many retailers, Hancock’s of Paducah built its contact list over time. However, the legacy system offered no effective way to routinely clean the list and a vast portion of contacts were dated, generating a high percentage of undeliverable email addresses.

Additionally, the internal system was not user-friendly, forcing the company to invest a great deal of time into the operational logistics behind their email marketing efforts. With no view into their email contact list quality, deliverability, and other crucial statistics, Hancock’s of Paducah ultimately selected Bronto following a comprehensive search of email marketing solution providers.

“Before implementing Bronto, I spent so much of my time on the technology behind launching an email campaign that I was left with little time to actually market our product,” said Blann Hancock, website marketing director at Hancock’s of Paducah. “Previously, it would take nearly a week to prepare just one campaign. With Bronto I can accomplish the same task in minutes, allowing me to refocus my efforts on how to better market our products.”

Bronto reports a growing number of new clients looking for an alternative to their legacy, in-house solution. “Most companies think of in-house solutions as free. However, marketers need to realize the opportunity cost lost in terms of how much time is spent wrestling with cumbersome technology as opposed to marketing your product and generating revenue,” said Bronto CEO Joe Colopy. “You must also factor in additional operational expenses such as engineering or IT support, servers, and databases.”

“For us, customer service was a huge factor in choosing Bronto,” explained Hancock. “Bronto’s client services team has proven to be a true marketing partner. They’ve taken the time to learn our business and educate us on how to apply industry best practices to effectively connect with our customers.”

About Hancock’s of Paducah
Hancock`s of Paducah ships products all over the nation and to 72 different countries worldwide every day. Hancock`s of Paducah stands as the leader in the Quilting World at providing the greatest selection of high quality fabrics and supplies at the fairest prices. Many of Hancock’s of Paducah’s employees have backgrounds in sewing and know the value of customer satisfaction when it comes to fine fabrics and notions.

About Bronto Software, Inc.
Bronto Software, Inc. provides email marketing software to more than 600 online retailers, interactive agencies, and marketing departments around the world. Bronto’s Web-based application and industry-leading customer service give marketers the tools and support needed for successful, permission-based email marketing programs.

Bronto Software was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina. Current Bronto customers include Trek Bikes, Lending Tree, JPMorgan Chase Vastera, Duke University, and more. For more information, visit bronto.com.


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