EmailLabs` Latest Release Adds Deliverability Monitoring, Contextual Best Practices and RSS

Paul Demery

New Reporting Functionality Also Highlights Campaign Effectiveness Across Subscriber Segments by Analyzing Group Differences From the Norm

MENLO PARK, Calif. (Aug. 9, 2006)--EmailLabs (www.emaillabs.com), the leader in high-performance email marketing solutions and a subsidiary of J.L. Halsey Corporation (OTCBB:JLHY), today introduced EmailLabs 4.8.

The new features help marketers minimize undeliverable or improperly formatted emails, create more effective messages based on contextually relevant best practices, offer RSS delivery to their subscribers, and uncover statistically significant variations in campaign performance -- based on subscriber demographics and attributes.

"EmailLabs 4.8 makes it even easier for marketers to create effective email marketing programs that deliver measurable results," said Jim Herbold, general manager at EmailLabs. "We offer best practices that help users create relevant messages, and minimize the risk of having those messages render poorly or get improperly filtered. We enable marketers to offer RSS to their most discerning subscribers, and we help demonstrate ROI to C-level executives by indicating how messages resonated with specific segments."

Dynamo (www.goDynamo.com), an interactive design and strategy studio based in Montreal whose clients include Reitmans Canada (Ltd.), The Aldo Group and Intrawest, has been using the latest version for the last few weeks. "Applying the latest marketing intelligence to every email campaign is daunting -- but EmailLabs just made it easier," said Bryan Mahoney, Dynamo. "Version 4.8 puts best practices right on the screens where we create our messages. Now we have real-time access to proven approaches that can increase the ROI of our email programs."

Increasing Campaign Effectiveness

Among the most significant new features:

-- Integration with EmailAdvisor, the leading email auditing tool from sister company Lyris Technologies, takes the guesswork out of email deliverability. Its five interrelated auditing components let marketers preview how messages will appear in the 35 most popular email clients, check messages against common spam filters and blacklists, determine the best time to send based on which ISP providers are experiencing delays, and get real-time, post-launch analysis of how 40 major ISPs are delivering, blocking or filtering their messages. Users can seamlessly access all of the EmailAdvisor features in one or two clicks - without leaving the EmailLabs interface.

-- Contextual Best Practices makes it easier to develop effective messages. Relevant advice - such as how to construct effective subject lines, use images effectively, apply personalization, comply with CAN-SPAM and enhance deliverability - is presented to marketers in context, as they create their campaigns. Marketers now have an efficient way to leverage the email marketing best practices EmailLabs espouses in its award-winning Intevation Report newsletter and ClickZ column.

-- RSS capability allows marketers to effortlessly create and publish content to both email and RSS delivery channels - while empowering subscribers to choose their preferred method of communication. This flexibility can help companies retain subscribers who prefer consolidated RSS feeds over receiving multiple emails.

-- Key Performance Indicators compare and contrast how different subscriber segments react to campaigns. New reports consolidate Sent, Opened and Click-Through rates by subscriber demographics and attributes, then summarize and highlight groups` statistically-significant variations from the program`s average. For example, a retailer can ascertain that ages 18-34 are 30 percent more likely than all customers to click a "Buy Now" link for a particular product line. Future emails can target this group - and sell this product - even more precisely.

These new features complement EmailLabs existing functionality, which enables marketers to manage and segment their permission-based lists; create, personalize and send targeted emails; and track and analyze results.

To learn more about these features, visit http://www.emaillabs.com/features/new_features.html


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