Treasures From a Bygone Era Drives Holiday Sales Using Scene7 On-Demand Rich Media Platform

Kurt Peters

Multi-channel retailer utilizing Scene7’s hosted “self-serve” rich media platform to add dynamic zoom, image sizing and eCatalogs across e-commerce website

NOVATO, CA - January 10, 2006 - Scene7®, the market leader in automated rich media solutions for the web, email and print, today announced that gift, collectibles, home décor and jewelry retailer, Treasures From a Bygone Era® is implementing Scene7 On-Demand (S7OD), a hosted self-service rich media platform, to add dynamic zoom, image sizing and eCatalogs to its e-commerce website, www.treasurescatalog.com . “Due to the positive customer response we received after implementing S7OD on Sieglers.com, adding this solution to our sister site was an easy decision,” said Carlos Calderon, manager of e-commerce. “Scene7 provides us with a comprehensive platform that drives online revenues while at the same time drastically reducing time and costs by streamlining our internal web image and catalog production processes.”

Treasures from a Bygone Era - the Heirlooms of Tomorrow was first published in 2001 as an extension to the succesful Siegler & Co. catalogue. Treasures specializes in unique home décor, women’s apparel , collectibles and jewelry. The catalogue features the work of talented artists, jewelers and furniture makers from around the world.

Looking to improve both the conversion rates and customer experience over the Holiday season, Treasures From a Bygone Era used Scene7’s ecatalog to offer an online, interactive version of its print Holiday catalog. Treasures also evaluated several other online catalog offerings, but selected Scene7 because of its unique self-service publishing offering that allows Treasure’s web team to create and publish all of its web content including high resolution imagery for eCatalogs and zoom without relying on IT or expensive third party service provider support. Added Calderon, “We looked at other options for our online catalogs and zoom, but found that Scene7 not only offers the broadest feature set but is the only hosted scaleable platform that offered true self-service production and publishing of rich media content. Scene7 met and exceeded all of our requirements.” Recent holiday results show significant increased sales vs. a year ago.

Treasures plans to add Scene7’s dynamic zoom and image sizing for all product images across the website this new year. Customers will be able to select products and zoom in to view fine details while dynamic image sizing eliminates manual image production time and costs. "For us, adding high quality image zoom capability is essential to showcase the quality and detail inherent to many of our handcrafted items." Said Calderon. “In addition, we’ll reduce our internal content production time and costs by 66% using Scene7 technology to automate creation of our image derivatives real-time from our master imagery-freeing my team up for other projects.”

"It’s great to see customers like Treasures From a Bygone Era leverage Scene7’s broad platform across its entire business to maximize its return on investment,” said Doug Mack, CEO of Scene7. “We’re looking forward to hearing more about the profitable results Treasures will experience utilizing our hosted rich media platform.”

About Treasures From a Bygone Era
Treasures From a Bygone era is owned by multi-channel merchant Direct Ventures, LLC, headquartered in San Diego, CA. Mitch Siegler, the company’s CEO, began direct marketing in 1992 shortly after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Siegler traveled the world to find rare collectibles and vintage artifacts and in 2001, launched the Treasures From a Bygone Era catalogue to broaden the appeal of his fabulous finds to a predominantly female audience. The catalogue features the work of talented artists, jewelers and furniture makers from around the globe. For more information please visit www.treasurescatalog.com.

About Scene7
Scene7 - the market leader in automated rich media solutions for the web, email and print - enables companies to grow revenues, enhance customer experience and cut production costs. Scene7`s solutions are built on an integrated technology platform - for unrivaled breadth, depth, scalability and ease of use. Solutions include Targeted email & print, Dynamic Imaging, eCatalogs, Product Configurators and Dynamic Asset Management. Available both as software and On-Demand, leading companies have selected Scene7, including Amazon, Macy`s, Office Depot, Levi Strauss & Co., La-Z-Boy and QVC - and partners IBM, Microsoft, Akamai and Macromedia. Visit www.scene7.com.

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