Leading Swiss Online Grocer Integrates Qwiser™ Salesperson

Paul Demery

LeShop’s customers save time through quick and accurate search

LONDON - October 24, 2005 - Celebros Ltd., a leading provider of advanced search, navigation and analytics solutions for e-commerce sites announced that LeShop.ch, the Swiss online grocer, has gone live with Qwiser™ Salesperson on its www.le-shop.ch site. Publicis Technology, Celebros’ integration partner, implemented the solution.

Saving time is important to LeShop’s clientele and the speed and accuracy with which Qwiser analyzes queries and retrieves items is a key selling point for LeShop. Qwiser’s multi-lingual abilities enable customers to shop in French, English and German.

Pierre Vassal, IT Manager at LeShop, said, “We had wanted our search engine to lead our customers to our products but it was not possible with our previous text-based engine. After investigating search and navigation solutions, we went with Qwiser because it was clearly the most capable of giving us what we needed and had excellent ROI. Celebros’ implementation team was very responsive to our requests and very professional in their integration of the solution."

LeShop also integrated Qwiser™ Analytics with its machine learning feature which enables Qwiser to learn from experience. Based on automatic feedback from Analytics, it ensures that high-converting items appear at the top of the first page of results, showing shoppers the items they are most interested in purchasing.

Celebros’ sales director for France, Michel Auren, said, "Qwiser Search, Navigation and Analytics is a far-reaching solution. Intuitive search and precise results stimulate sales. Its merchandising component enables initiation of special promotions and modification pf Qwiser performance as often as necessary. With a product type and range as rich as LeShop’s, this is a requirement.”

LeShop.ch, established in 1998, is the first on-line grocery in Switzerland. It caters to working people, especially women, juggling both family and job. Strategically partnered with Migros, the top Swiss food retailer, LeShop maintains a unique product range and offers excellent value.

Celebros Ltd. (www.celebros.com), founded in 2000, is a leading provider of advanced search and retrieval solutions for e-commerce sites with offices in the UK, France, Germany, US, and Israel.


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