Marketing Bridge Partners with infoUSA to offer Direct Marketing Lists through their Web-Based Marketing Automation Platform

Paul Demery

MINNEAPOLIS--Sept. 8, 2005--Marketing Bridge, a leading provider of on-demand marketing automation systems, today announced a partnership with infoUSA (Nasdaq:IUSA) to offer List Acquisition through its web-based marketing automation platform.

This partnership allows users to access infoUSA business and consumer databases, purchase lists, and immediately use the lists for their direct marketing activities. "This feature provides a tremendous competitive advantage to our clients," said Frantz Corneille, President of Marketing Bridge. "Our clients can now enable their channel partners, direct sales people, and dealers, to access and customize a marketing piece, buy a targeted list, and launch a marketing campaign in less than 15 minutes."

The Marketing Bridge interface makes the process of buying a list simple and easy to understand. After purchasing a list of contacts, the contact list is automatically uploaded into the platform and immediately made available for direct marketing activities. Users can view and download their list and use it for up to one year. Beginning users can become list-buying experts in no time.

The Marketing Bridge platform is one of the leading web-based marketing automation and fulfillment solutions. From creating templates to allowing channel partners to co-brand and co-message corporate sales and marketing materials, the addition of the infoUSA service has made the Marketing Bridge platform an end-to-end marketing solution. About Marketing Bridge:
Marketing Bridge, LLC (www.marketingbridge.com) is a leading provider of on-demand marketing systems that help organizations execute their marketing programs more effectively. Industries using the Marketing Bridge platform include high-tech and telecommunications, consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, insurance, and franchises. The ease of creating, customizing, and disseminating relevant, cross-media materials through the Marketing Bridge platform eliminates costs and reduces marketing delivery cycle-time. Marketing Bridge headquarters are located at 10000 Hwy. 55, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55441 and can be contacted at (763) 504-4600 or contact@marketingbridge.com.

About infoUSA:
infoUSA (www.infoUSA.com), founded in 1972, is the leading provider of business and consumer information products, database marketing services, data processing services and sales and marketing solutions. Content is the essential ingredient in every marketing program, and infoUSA has the most comprehensive data in the industry, and is the only company to own a proprietary database of 250 million consumers and 14 million businesses under one roof. The infoUSA database powers the directory services of the top Internet traffic-generating sites, including Yahoo! (Nasdaq:YHOO - News) and America Online (NYSE:TWX - News). Nearly 3 million customers use infoUSA`s products and services to find new customers, grow their sales, and for other direct marketing, telemarketing, customer analysis and credit reference purposes. infoUSA headquarters are located at 5711 S. 86th Circle, Omaha, NE 68127 and can be contacted at (402) 593-4500.

CONTACT: Marketing Bridge
Ted Johnson, 763-504-4621
FAX 763-595-5835

infoUSA, Inc.
Amit Khanna, 402-596-8978
FAX 402-331-4950


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