Tourtellotte Solutions Finalizes Acquisition of Inovis` Sourcing Business

Paul Demery

Bringing 40 years of domain experience and history of technology innovation to critical supply chain application

WAYLAND, Mass., May 12 -- Tourtellotte Solutions, a software development and consulting company, finalized its acquisition of Inovis` sourcing business, setting the stage to restore this application to its once industry-leading status.

"The completion of this acquisition represents a significant step for Tourtellotte Solutions in our strategy to accelerate growth in our products and services businesses," said Ed Tourtellotte, Founder and President of Tourtellotte Solutions. "By bringing the Inovis Sourcing business into our company portfolio, we substantially increase our reach within the largest and most powerful retailers and branded manufacturers in the world. The acquisition allows us to leverage our company`s competencies of domain knowledge and technical skills to provide current customers with enhanced products and services and increase our capacity to reach new customers."

"We see a significant gap between what sourcing is today -- fairly manual, and organized by silos -- and what Sourcing can be -- a fully strategic asset with tightly integrated demand and supply," said Cindy DiTullio, General Manager of Tourtellotte Solutions Sourcing. "Our goal is to bridge that gap by fully optimizing the sourcing process and driving significantly higher levels of product consistency, quality, and control for our customers. Despite the critical nature of sourcing in the supply chain process, we believe the market is underserved and ripe for innovation."

To accomplish this, Tourtellotte Solutions plans to build on the application`s strengths of visibility, tracking, and transaction processing a series of value-added features including analytics that will better drive automation in the sourcing function for their customers. Tourtellotte Solutions also plans to provide functionality depth within their established product footprint and leverage the company`s systems integration strengths to bring in complementary applications in PLM, WMS, Logistics and Finance where appropriate.

The three product releases targeted for 2005 focus on enhancing current versions of the application, expanding collaboration capability via a re- designed web front end, increasing the application`s configurability, and building functionality that supports compliance standards such as Sarbanes- Oxley. The company also plans to lower cost of entry and maintenance for customers by reconfiguring the product line to be application server independent.

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Tourtellotte Solutions is a software and services company offering packaged and custom-built technology solutions that reduce the complexity and variability of supply chain processes. Tourtellotte Solutions uses its domain expertise, deep technical knowledge, and a disciplined consulting approach to optimize underperforming products and the processes that underlie them. Our products include the industry leading TS Sourcing (formerly QRS Sourcing) and the groundbreaking clinical trials modeler/forecaster TS Visualize.

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