Edict Systems Streamlines Supplier Relationships for Coldwater Creek, Inc.

Paul Demery

National Women`s Retailer Selects Edict`s Hosted EDI Solution for Its Cost and Time Savings

DAYTON, Ohio, May 12 -- Edict Systems, Inc., the wholly owned and sole operating entity of Advant-e Corporation (BULLETIN BOARD: AVEE) , announced today that women`s apparel leader, Coldwater Creek, Inc., has selected Edict to provide EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) services for several of it`s supply chain initiatives both domestically and internationally. Edict will supply:

- Web EDI - For Coldwater Creek suppliers who are new to EDI, Edict is providing RetailEC.com. This cost effective and easy-to-use solution allows suppliers to quickly become compliant with the EDI endeavors of large retailers.

- Value-Added Networking/Data Transmission - Edict`s EnterpriseEC(R) service will be used by Coldwater Creek for all EDI data transmissions.

- Hosted Data Translation - This service provides EDI capabilities to Coldwater Creek without the expense of installing EDI translation software and the associated data mapping and maintenance costs. Edict will translate electronic business documents to and from Coldwater Creek`s existing in-house systems into EDI compliant documents.

"Through this partnership, Coldwater Creek will realize measurable time and cost savings," said David J. Rike, Edict`s Vice President, Strategic Accounts. "Our solution includes advance ship notices (ASN) to replace Coldwater Creek`s current method of receiving shipments. The ASN corresponds to bar coding on the supplier`s shipping label produced within our system. The ASN and bar coding efficiently tracks and verifies supplier shipments coming from US suppliers, as well as from those overseas. Shipments can then be entered directly into Coldwater Creek`s Warehouse Management System. Our solutions streamline the process for both Coldwater Creek and their suppliers, saving time and improving accuracy."

Well known for their attractive catalogue as well as online sales and retail store locations around the country, Coldwater Creek`s merchandise varies from apparel to wall art, jewelry to ceramics, all of which comes from diverse suppliers. Edict`s solutions will make their supplier process more manageable and cost effective.

"We are most pleased to welcome Coldwater Creek as a new customer," said Michael Bevis, President of Edict Systems. "We share a dedication to customer service, and we look forward to providing new and innovative efficiencies to help Coldwater Creek serve their customers better.

About Edict Systems, Inc.:
Edict Systems, the wholly owned and sole operating entity of Advant-e Corporation is a leading provider of business-to-business electronic commerce software and Internet-based solutions for recurring transactions. Edict specializes in horizontal transaction services via EnterpriseEC(R), an Internet-based electronic business transaction network, and within specific vertical industries via Web-based solutions, including www.GroceryEC.com , www.RetailEC.com , www.CPGSupplier.com , www.MfgEC.com , and www.WebEDI.com . Additional information about Edict and its parent company, Advant-e Corporation can be found at www.Advant-e.com and www.edictsystems.com or by contacting investor relations at (800) 443-3428. The company`s email is info@edictsystems.com .

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David J. Rike
Edict Systems, Inc.


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